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By Anne Kaese | June 2, 2022

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At Stoneridge Software, our goal is to not only provide you with the software necessary for you to complete your projects. We also want to work with you to build a project roadmap that will clearly define your goals and establish a plan to meet them.

This post will focus on the important topics and questions you need to concern yourself with before starting a project and how we can help you throughout the entire process.

What You Need to Know When Building Your Project Roadmap

Understanding where your company is going, who will be working on a project, and what your goals are will give you a solid foundation to build your roadmap. But the process is much more complicated than that when you break it down.

Identify and Support Your Team While Creating Your Project Roadmap

All project roadmaps should begin with discussions with your team members. This ranges from people at the top of your organization to people who will fill out specific roles. Listening to everyone’s thoughts and concerns and getting feedback from every person involved will give you a fuller understanding of how to manage all the moving parts to achieve your goals.

Some questions to consider include:

  • Do you have the right people in place to complete the project? If not, who do you need to hire or transfer to get the job done?
  • How can you put your employees in a position to succeed?
  • Does everyone have a clear understanding of the goals of your project and the tasks they need to complete to achieve them?
  • How many moving parts are there on your team?
  • How will you fill gaps that inevitably come up?

At the end of the day, people make your business run and your people will make or break your project. Communicating with your team to ensure they are on the same page and understand their roles and objectives is the first step in creating your project roadmap.

Outline the Right Tools and Structure You Need to Reach the Goals in Your Project Roadmap

Microsoft has many software offerings that can help you in a wide variety of areas including sales, customer service, marketing, field service, project service automation, reporting, and operations.

Dynamics 365, Power Platform, PowerApps, Portals, and many other Microsoft solutions can provide you with what you need to get the job done.

Having the proper software solutions in place before starting a project, and knowing how to optimize them, can help you build a solid project structure.

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Adjustments and issues will inevitably come up, but getting, and keeping, your team on the same page in terms of the structure of your project and familiarity with the tools being used will help things run smoothly.

Questions to consider:

  • Who is doing what? When are they doing it? And how long will it take?
  • Are there phases? If so, what order do those phases need to be completed in?
  • Who is responsible for what tasks? Do you need to establish an oversight hierarchy to ensure team members are finishing their part of the job on time?
  • Are your tools and integrations right for the job? If not, find out what tools you need.
  • How do your third-party software solutions tie in? Do they integrate seamlessly with your Microsoft solutions? If not, consider using new solutions or budgeting additional time so you can continue using your existing solutions.
  • What are your measurable and tangible goals? And how do you plan to monitor if those goals are met?

How Stoneridge Software Can Help You Develop Your Project Roadmap

We have a team of experts who all have a vast knowledge of the systems we sell and can assist you with all the implementations, training, and integrations you might need. We will get to know you, the ins and outs of your business, and how your team operates so we can help you collaborate effectively and take the best path forward.

We help with this by preparing several documents for you:

  • Summary Presentation – An outline of what we can help you with after we get to know you and your team
  • Assessment Report – This report details what we consider when helping you with a project, including technical solutions, change management, integrations, team preparedness, and goal alignment.
  • Program Roadmap – Here we analyze your systems and technology and ask a few key questions including:
    • What are your constraints in terms of time or money?
    • What are your deadlines and other business considerations?
    • How long until you want to see results?
    • What must happen before you can move forward with the different stages of your project?
    • What order will things go in? Serial (in order), Parallel? (Multiple phases being completed at the same time) or a Hybrid model of the two?
  • Project Roadmap – A high-level overview of how the project is expected to go while preparing for any gaps that need to be filled or issues that might arise
  • Estimated Cost of Project – A analysis of all the costs associated with your project, including software costs, cost of paying employees, or the cost of purchasing new software solutions, among others
  • Estimated Cost of Licensing – Outlining how much you will have to pay to license your software solutions and how many users you need to buy licenses for will give you a clear picture of a big chunk of your cost analysis

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Stoneridge Software is here to help you develop project roadmaps. We also have teams of experts who can help you navigate implementations, integrations, and optimization of your software solutions and the trickly licensing requirements that come with them.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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