Managing Agronomy Plan to Sales Agreements in Levridge

by | Updated April 3, 2020 | Agriculture, Dynamics CRM

There are many challenges facing ag retailers today, specifically when it comes to managing agronomy functions within your back office. Levridge helps to manage a plan to sales agreements, including discounting for growers.

Within Levridge, your agronomists can plan out a proposal of items to present to a grower. This information can all be inputted to the system with item names, split group information, and the sale proposed. As those items are entered in the sale proposal, pricing is automatically generated from system data based on the growing year and sales period.

Once the sales proposal is created, the agronomist can add in different categories such as seed, fertilizer, chemical, and associated proposals and sales agreements for reference.

All items are tracked as a rate per acre, which is automatically tallied and calculated within the system based on the number of acres on the account. Your agronomist also has the flexibility to alter the products proposed based on specific acreage or needs.

Multiple methods of payments can be included in the contract, including prepayment amounts, third party payment methods, credit cards, check, or cash.

You can also determine where each product should be staged and distributed easily within the system.

Discounts are common in agronomy sales and can be completed and tracked within Levridge. A standard percentage or dollar amount per acre LCR discount can be set within the system so agronomists can apply those at any time. Once a discount is entered past that threshold, the system automatically sends that request to management for approval. This gives control to the ag retailer to ensure that money isn’t lost on a sale.

As a proposal is submitted, the system also automatically performs a credit check on the grower to ensure they have the proper funding in place to move forward with the sales order.

Once the grower agrees to the proposal, a sales agreement is automatically generated from the proposal. That agreement is then sent directly to accounting for invoicing and product delivery.


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