Partnership Between Microsoft and Land O’Lakes Expands Impact of Modern Technology Solutions

By Dave Ruelle | August 4, 2020

field sunrise

field sunrise

Farmers, growers, and agriculture leaders are constantly evolving to produce higher yields and become more efficient. This isn’t a new concept – from conversations at the local co-op, to manually tracking the success of seed varieties and crop rotation – agriculture operators understand the need to adjust and change. However, the manual element of tracking this information and drawing hypothesis is one of the largest struggles that growers face today. The supply chain has to move fast to meet demands, and decisions on seed, pesticides, and much more have to be made based on real-time data and facts.

Because of this, agriculture operations ranging from country-wide to county-wide are realizing the benefits of modern technology. So much so that Microsoft and Land O’Lakes have teamed up to bring technology and broadband internet to rural areas to make farmers more profitable and productive. Through the partnership, Microsoft Azure will empower farmers with artificial intelligence that will help determine which crops to plant, what nutrients to apply, and an overall understanding of how much money to spend to reach projected harvest goals.

Access to high-speed broadband not only gives agriculture operations the power of Azure but also expands the reach of industry-leading technology solutions like Levridge. In the same way that Azure empowers farmers with key field and crop data, Levridge provides a way to execute daily tasks more efficiently, keeps rural locations connected, and harnesses the power of data to make real-time strategic decisions. With solutions for Agronomy, Commodity Accounting, Accounting and Retail, Feed, Commodity Processing, Scale, and Equity and Patronage, Levridge modernizes the ag business.

Anywhere, anytime access

Anywhere, anytime access on any device – including computers, laptops, tablets, or cell phones – is key to running an operation efficiently. This is more important than ever in agriculture where employees need information no matter if they’re in the field, at the scale, or in the office. Levridge users have the ability to connect no matter where they are located and all information is then stored within one, centralized location. This eliminates any manual re-entry and allows for reporting that includes all information and data from across the business.

360-degree view of contacts

Levridge has multiple tools to help agronomists overcome challenges with tracking data related to the grower, employee, and contractor. This includes providing access to vital historical information, addressing knowledge sharing among employees, application and chemical certifications, and licensing and DOT tracking.

Complete commodity management

With a built-in connection to the back office and your accounting team, access to commodity information is seamless. Built-in features help to efficiently manage scale tickets, settlements, contracts, and outbound shipments.

Automated Split Billing

Split billing is a unique and necessary challenge for the ag industry that is typically tracked on paper or in an Excel spreadsheet. Levridge provides easy-to-use, accurate billing split management and gives customers and vendors the opportunity to prepay, track, and make adjustments based on consumption and usage. Additionally, rebates, trade agreements, and pricing is tracked and up-to-date, giving users real-time data and information.

Enhanced Livestock Operations

The overall health of livestock is vital for operational success. Levridge allows for ration balancing and tracking of veterinary feed directives. This information is directly tied into inventory allowing users to not only track livestock information, but also access information on inventory levels and products in real-time.

End-to-End Commodity Processing Management

The Levridge solution handles the entire process of grain receiving, from the inbound scale ticket and grain delivery to tracking all quantities for each delivery from every customer. Inbound grain is handled from purchase contract to receiving the grain to final payment. Grain processing components include: pricing the contracts, calculating quality discounts, as well as charges and fees. The end result of the inbound process is payment to the grower in their preferred method of either electronic ACH wire transfer or check.

Fast Scale Operation

With the fastest speed on the market, the Levridge scale is built with real-time synchronization, so you can see ticket information almost immediately. The Levridge scale can connect to any ERP system within minimal hardware and only one system to maintain and service. Additionally, the Levridge scale can be managed from any location, enabling agriculture operations with a variety of remote scale locations to receive and process trucks and loads with only one operator assisting remotely.

Streamlining Equity and Patronage

Due to the many factors involved and difficulty tracking revolving member equity and stock allocations, this has been traditionally handled outside of the central accounting application in an Excel spreadsheet. Equity tracking, from build-up to current balance to pay-out, is handled within the Levridge solution. This removes any manual data entry or time spent on transferring information in and out of siloed systems.

Ag retailers and agriculture operations are at a moment in time when modern technology can rapidly transform operations to help increase profitability and utilize real-time data to make strategic, and long-lasting, business decisions. With Microsoft, Land O’Lakes, and Levridge leading the way, the agriculture industry is entering a new age of technological transformation.

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