Comprehensive dealer portal reinforces partner network and increases sales

Comprehensive dealer portal reinforces partner network and increases sales

The heart and soul of this company is an extensive, loyal and engaged dealer network. Systems, resources, and tools for their dealers had become disorganized, leading to lost sales, partner departures, frustration, and lower returns. Management wanted to create a state of the art dealer portal that delighted dealers and incented them to stay on board. Stoneridge developed a solution that helped them take their dealer network from so-so to great.

The company needed a dealer portal that would bring orders, pricing, and inventory into clear view for their dealers and, importantly, provide the company line of sight into the dealer side of the equation.

Stoneridge set up a dealer portal in Dynamics AX and helped the company to fully leverage their ERP system. The portal manages orders, provides specific pricing and provides an accurate view into inventory. The portal can accommodate different levels of pricing for varying dealer levels and across brands. It also automates incentive programs to spur dealer purchases by volume.

As a result, dealers and company employees are more productive and antiquated workarounds like taking orders via phone and duplicative paperwork are eliminated. This project addressed:

  • Automated processes
  • Accurate inventory count
  • Accurate sales numbers
  • Financial management