Selecting Sales Orders for Bulk Agronomy Products at Your Scalehouse

by | Updated January 15, 2021 | Agriculture

When your sales team is planning on using sales orders for bulk agronomy products that will be weighed out and tracked using scale tickets, Levridge and Levridge Scale have multiple ways to handle this. In this example, we walk through the steps to apply a sales order directly to a scale ticket when the ticket is created in Levridge Scale. If your customers or your scale operators would the knowledge of what sales order to choose when creating the ticket, then this is a simple and quick way to automatically post tickets to that sales order.

Here we have SO-001097 for TEST CUSTOMER for 40,000 lbs. of Urea that your sales representatives would create for a customer ordering bulk product.

sales order created

Now that the sales order has been created, a batch job will send that sales order directly to Levridge Scale. The sales order can be selected when the user chooses the specific customer and product from the drop-down menus. Only sales orders from Dynamics 365 with a status of open will be available to be selected.

batch job send

All that is left to do at the scale house is to finish the ticket with the second weight and click print.

finish sales ticket and print

Now that the ticket has been printed, Levridge Scale will automatically send the ticket to Dynamics 365 with a ticket status of open. Here are the ticket details from the previous example.

d365 open ticket details

batch process runs automatically

An automatic batch process in Dynamics 365, which can be customized to run at any interval of time, will run in the background once the ticket is in the system. This batch job will post the ticket and create a new line on the sales order with the amount from the scale ticket. This line will be in a delivered status, using the location the scale ticket was weighed out from. This allows customers to pick up bulk agronomy products from multiple locations. In addition to creating a new delivered line from the scale ticket details, the original line that was entered in by your sales team will have been decremented by the amount of the line created from the scale ticket. This allows multiple tickets to be applied to a single sales order, cutting down the amount of sales order invoices.

Now that the ticket has been posted to a sales order, the customer detail and weight fields are locked down and no longer editable unless the ticket is unattached from the sales order.

finalized ticket no longer editable

Because the original ticket did not fulfill the entire 40,000 lbs. of the original line, the status of the sales order is still open and will be available for more tickets to be applied to it. If we run through the exact same process, this time creating a ticket over the amount left on the original line, the sales order will go to a status of delivered and the original line will have been automatically canceled. Here is the previous sales order now that the amount delivered has exceeded the original line amount.

sales team review

Now that this sales order has been fulfilled, your billing team can review the sales order and invoice it to the customer.




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