Dynamics AX Security Workshop Overview

Microsoft Dynamics AX has an array of security and configuration options which aid in keeping sensitive data safe, users focused on their roles, and the system as streamlined as possible. Establishing a solid and sustainable security infrastructure can be a daunting task if the underlying security framework is not fully understood.

Through the Dynamics AX Security Workshop, Stoneridge Software’s technical consultants will explore these topics and offer deep dive training while providing students the tools, foundation, and best practices for performing a successful security implementation. This two-day onsite training is available upon request.

Our Dynamics AX Security training covers:


The ABC’s of the role-based security model:

  • Architecture
  • Permissions
  • Privileges
  • Duties
  • Roles
  • Process Cycles


From basic user maintenance and role assignment to advanced security customization:

  • User configuration
  • Assigning roles and creating automatic rules
  • Security via Active Directory groups
  • Extensible Data Security (XDS) policies
  • Security object customization and configuration
  • Segregation of duties
  • Organizational Model
  • Table permission framework
  • Security troubleshooting

Implementation Methodologies

Having covered the “how” and “what” of configuring security, we provide a large-scale look at some strategies and methodologies to accomplish a successful implementation.

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