Solving Your Biggest Challenges in Agribusiness with Innovation and Technology

by | December 10, 2020 | Agriculture

Advancements in technology are moving faster than ever before and have far-reaching implications in everyday life. From how you play music, to how you consume news, talk to your friends or family, or how you research a DIY project. Technology has changed how we complete tasks. Businesses are not exempt from feeling the impact that technology has had on human behavior.

The banking industry is one that has rapidly evolved over the last 30 years. In the ’80s and ’90s, there were many independent small banks scattered throughout all towns and cities across the country. Each bank had a number of staff on-site to serve customers that resided close in proximity to the physical location of the bank. Piles of physical documents were used to collect and store information and were shuffled from location to location, collecting signatures and being stored as historical records.

Any software systems within the banks were isolated and not user friendly. In fact, most users had a ramp-up time of several years to learn how the software functioned. Sending money overseas took multiple days and business processes that can be completed today in seconds took hours or days.

The banking industry has undergone a major transformation thanks to technology. Fast forward to today and actually going to a bank location on a regular basis is a thing of the past. Now all banking can be done on a phone or computer instantaneously. ATMs are readily available and provide access to cash without any interaction with another human and physical checks are a thing of the past.

The transformation of the banking industry was spurred thanks to secure, modern technology that allows processes to be completed instantaneously and gives customers the power of self-service.

The agriculture industry is currently going through a very similar transformation and is facing mounting pressures.

The Burden of Manual Processes

Ag retailers and agriculture businesses today have physical locations equipped with personnel on-site. Contracts, marketing materials, equity information, and other data is still maintained on physical paper documents and passes through many hands before landing in a filing cabinet of historical data.

Consolidation and Efficiencies

Many smaller ag operations are combining and consolidating. With disconnected business systems, managers have no visibility into data, inventory levels, sales information, and other important business drivers.

Real-Time Data

Today’s ag software systems are frequently isolated and not integrated with other solutions, causing issues with data consolidation and accuracy, and making reporting difficult or near impossible. Additionally, understanding inventory levels or locations of assets requires making multiple phone calls because the information (if there is any) within the system is not real-time.


Hiring employees is another challenge caused by outdated technology. Few people understand how to operate legacy systems, especially the younger generation that is entering the workforce. Training on these systems is difficult due to a lack of documentation and updated information.

Online Self-Service Portals

Farmers are from different generations and have different preferences. There is mounting pressure on the industry to provide a self-service portal where growers can access information when and where they want.

Partner Requirements

Many companies require their partners to use their specific platforms for e-commerce or other functions. Without a solution that integrates with these platforms, agriculture retailers are unable to sell to specific distributors or plan strategic partnerships.

the value of technology

By embracing technology like Levridge you can easily handle any market influence. A system that provides real-time data and insights can help your business managers and leaders take action and make decisions more quickly. Your bookkeepers will know exactly what’s in inventory so they can generate contracts immediately. Additionally, you can run a daily position report at any time so you have up to date information instantaneously.

Hiring and training new employees is easier than ever with Levridge. Users can go to YouTube or do a quick internet search at any time to find out how to complete any action. The task recorder within the system also allows you to record how to complete your specific processes within the system. That way, your users can look back at any time for a refresher on how a certain action is done.

Levridge is browser-based so users can log-in at any time and from any place. This empowers your employees to work anywhere they have an internet connection, which has proven invaluable during the COVID pandemic. Additionally, with a cloud-based solution, you no longer have to worry about maintaining costly servers or hardware.

Levridge can be easily integrated with the outside world and opens you up to a variety of partnerships. You can take advantage of better pricing and streamline transactions instantaneously.

In order to compete, agribusinesses need a modern software platform like Levridge. Levridge is built into Microsoft Dynamics 365, harnessing the power and capabilities of an industry-leading ERP solution, but enhancing the system with the features and functionality that are specific to the agriculture industry.

Platform Benefits

  • Cloud-hosted and web-based so users can access the system anytime, anywhere.
  • Users can access the system using the exact same account you use to log into Outlook.
  • Subscription-based so you pay as you go. You can add new users or scale back your users at any time. As your business changes, you can scale your subscription to the software.
  • You no longer have to plan or budget for software upgrades. Microsoft pushes major releases two times a year that are automatically applied to your system. Updates for Levridge work in the same manner.
  • Power BI analytics offer a scalable reporting platform and provide insights into your business.
  • Easily access API for great flexibility with any integration.

Functionality Benefits

  • Unlimited flexibility in your chart of accounts and reporting by location, region, commodity, seed supplier, etc.
  • Core ERP and CRM capability
  • Key advancements in AI and ML that include payment predictors, virtual agents, and more
  • Multi-currency, multi-lingual, and multi-company
  • Intuitive interface targeted toward specific roles
  • Sales, marketing, customer service, field service, project, financials, supply chain, manufacturing, and retail are all a part of the solution
  • Ability to onboard new acquisitions quickly

Levridge adds functionality to the core system for scale, agronomy, commodity accounting, retail/sales, feed, commodity processing, and equity and patronage.

levridge core systems

Continue reading more about the benefits of the Levridge solution on our blog. If you’re ready to talk about how Levridge can benefit your specific agriculture operation, reach out to the experts.



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