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Get a grip on your business with a weekly scorecard.Thank you for registering for our “Build a Weekly Business Scorecard” webinar. A confirmation email has also been sent straight to your inbox.

We hope the valuable information included in the webinar will help you decide which metrics are important to measure and provide some insight on the technology tools available to allow you to gain better insight into your business. If your goal is to develop a business scorecard that is valuable and sustainable, here’s where you start:

  1. Begin with your business needs – start with the business need, then pull in the data. Webinar deliverables will include a document of possible metrics.
  2. Refine your scorecard – until you have the most essential information for your unique business.
  3. How does your scorecard help you make decisions?

It must be fresh: The weekly scorecard at Stoneridge Software is refreshed each Wednesday and reviewed by leadership on Friday. It needs to be simple enough that it’s not counter-productive.

It’s based on data – Do you have an AR problem? Is your pipeline large enough to hire another resource? You can answer these questions and identify any problems and address them.

It must be actionable – If it’s not something you will immediately act on, then don’t include it.

Let us know if we can answer any questions for you. Contact us at or 612-354-4966.

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