There are multiple options for clients when determining what licenses your team will use for Microsoft 365. Whether you are a small or mid-sized business or a large enterprise business, Stoneridge Software’s licensing team can help you maintain a licensing strategy to ensure your team can work effectively in a protected environment.

Microsoft 365 Business Licenses for small to mid-size businesses

If your organization is smaller, you can opt for one of the four Microsoft Business plans. They are listed below in order of increasing cost and more extensive features:

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Gives you access to all web and mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, standard security, business-blass email, and anytime phone and web support among other features.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business

Apps for Business gives you access to desktop versions of Microsoft apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. It is similar to Business Basic as it also includes anytime phone and web support and standard security. However, it does not come with additional Business Basic features like business-class email, manage customer appointments, or Microsoft Teams functionalities.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

This licensing option gives you everything offered in Microsoft 365 Business Basic but also includes:

  • Desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • The ability to host webinars,
  • Access to attendee registration and reporting tools
  • Capabilities to create personalized documents and professional layouts

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is the top-tier license for smaller companies. It features everything in both Business Basic and Business Standard, but also provides you with advanced security measures, access and data control, and robust cyber-threat protection.

Microsoft 365 Licenses for Enterprise Clients

If you work for or run an enterprise business and have 300 or more users, we recommend enterprise licensing for your users.

While there are more basic enterprise licenses, upgrading to the Enterprise licensing tier with E3 or E5 licenses for Microsoft 365 gives your organization to access advanced security features and capabilities beyond the primary offerings of lower-tier licenses. Protecting your data from internal and external threats, whether it’s a bad actor trying to hack into your system, or one of your employees making a mistake when accessing data they aren’t authorized to view, having a proactive defense against these threats is your best path forward.

If you use Microsoft 365, upgrading your license will give you access to a comprehensive suite of solutions, allowing you to defend against threats, spot vulnerabilities, and respond to them promptly and effectively.

Upgrade Your Licenses – Strengthen Security

We can help you upgrade to enterprise licenses or Microsoft 365 Business Premium licenses that strengthen your security both internally and externally. Some of the main features of those licenses include:

Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender gives your business robust endpoint protection and threat protection so you can identify, investigate, and respond to cyber-attacks rapidly. Protecting your data is of the utmost importance and Microsoft Defender is a solid first line of defence.

Microsoft Cloud Application Security

Protecting and securing your business and productivity suite of applications goes a long way in protecting your entire business because the applications are where your users work. Microsoft Cloud application security lets you control your cloud-based apps to safeguard against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Microsoft Entra

Microsoft Entra (formerly Azure Active Directory) Identity Protection and Privileged Identity Management strengthen your security by implementing conditional access and just-in-time for specific accounts. This protects from people outside your organization accessing your accounts and ensures people inside your organization only see what is relevant to them.

In short, upgrading your license will give you access to a comprehensive suite of solutions that allow you to defend against threats, spot vulnerabilities, and respond to them promptly and effectively.

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