Today, most grain operators struggle with manual processes, outdated technology, and disparate systems that leave them vulnerable and unable to make strategic business decisions that can increase their bottom line.

Using the built-in capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain, Stoneridge Software has partnered with Levridge to implement modern, user-friendly business solutions for the agricultural industry. We’ll work with your team to help you implement the technology and processes to run your business in a modern, connected way.

Our solution includes an end-to-end accounting, operations, and customer relationship management solution that empowers leading grain operators to streamline and automate settlement requests, better understand daily and historical DPR information, and know when to buy and sell. From the warehouse and back office to BI and reporting –Microsoft Dynamics with Levridge is helping today’s grain operators become more profitable.

Access Information Anywhere, Anytime

Built on Microsoft’s cloud-based architecture, Levridge is on the bleeding edge of innovation as the only cloud-based accounting and operations solution created exclusively for processors to realize the many benefits of a modern platform. From accessibility of information and integrations with third-party industry applications, the advantages are real to the entire business.

Analyze Financial Data

Powerful business intelligence dashboards and analytics that show decision makers exactly what they need to know in real-time. Daily position reports, account information and inventory are available without manual tasks to get there.

Stronger Relationships with Customers

The holistic design of Levridge allows for industry-leading information tracking from multiple sources. The end result is the ability to quickly and accurately communicate with customers and gain a better perspective by viewing all activities within their account from historical to present-day.

In addition to core financials, Microsoft Dynamics for commodity processors covers your industry specific needs.


Commodity Accounting

  • Producer Contracts
  • Scale Tickets
  • Grade Discounts, Checkoffs & Charges
  • Settlements & Invoicing
  • Commodity Purchasing & Sales Dashboards

Risk Management

  • Futures & Options
  • Mark to Market
  • Real-time DPR
  • Long/Short Position
  • Freight Management

Ag Sales

  • Bulk & Packaged Product Orders
  • Load Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Billing Splits
  • Prepayments

Commodity Processing

  • Process Manufacturing
  • Bill of Materials (BOMs)
  • Lot Tracking
  • Manage Products & Co-Products
  • Inventory Costing
  • Warehousing

More Information

commodity processors screenshot 1

This is an example of one of many different workspaces. This specific screen shot highlights the purchase workspace that allows the user to see in a single glance the number of open contracts, settlement requests, contract information, and much more.

commodity processors screenshot 2

The main screen of Levridge, featuring tiles for each area of the system. This screen can be customized per user to highlight only those areas required for their role.

commodity processors screenshot 3

The commodity settlement wizard allows users to remit payments to any number of recipients and deliver those payments immediately.

commodity processors screenshot 4

With an up-to-date DPR users have instant access to information that is critical for decision making.

What makes this ERP for Commodity Processors innovative or unique?

Because of its modern, cloud-based interface, the Levridge solution is always up to date, with no need for timely, expensive software upgrades.

  • No hardware required
  • Ability to scale down IT team and employees in rural locations
  • Built on modern, Microsoft technology platform
  • Access anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Instant access to the information each team members needs to be productive
  • End-to-end solution connecting the field, scale, processing and production facility with the back office
  • Business intelligence capabilities using the Microsoft Power Platform that provide decision making insights, streamline processes, eliminate manual entry, and work they way you need to
  • No code, or low code development options for customizations
  • Browser-based scale that can be accessed and run remotely, enabling scale locations to be in production 24/7 without an attendant
  • Interactive settlement wizard, dashboards, DPR reports, and more

How is MS Dynamics 365 utilized by the grain industry?

Leading grain operators rely on Dynamics 365 and Levridge to manage their full operation. Levridge helps the back office become more efficient and productive by meeting the needs specific to grain operations.

  • Real-time inventory
  • Streamline settlement requests for purchase contracts by utilizing wizard interface
    • Reduces or eliminates human error
    • Faster settlements against contracts
    • Ability to split payments by amount or percentage and automatically submit payments
  • Transportation management for rail, truck, or barge
  • Full commodity accounting including splits, settlements invoicing, grade discounts, and more
  • Risk management

How does Dynamics 365 improve safety/efficiency for Commodity Processors?

The modern, easy to use platform, streamlines processes across the entire operation, reducing or eliminating manual transactions and tedious data entry. Information automatically flows from field, scale, or production facility directly to the back office in real time, empowering leadership to make strategic business decisions based on insights and facts.

“Levridge is a Quantum Leap Forward”

“Levridge is a quantum leap forward in accounting and operations software for agriculture. We’re ecstatic about bringing this product to market and providing a more efficient and modern solution for ag businesses.”
Eric Newell, CEO, Stoneridge Software