From the cab of a combine to crop genetics and drones, the agricultural industry has seen tremendous advancements in technology in recent years. But, what about your backend software? If you’re an ag retailer, it’s likely the application you’re running the business with is more than 20 years old. Our team at Stoneridge Software has taken a singular interest in ag retailers, co-ops, and processors. We went as far as creating a separate company called Levridge, dedicated to building the ideal solution to handle your complex needs. Our team has devoted countless hours and energy to this mission. We stepped up to the challenge with a team full of problem solvers who have a passion for creating a business application that will meet your needs in a modern and efficient way. Built on top of the Microsoft Dynamics platform Levridge is a cloud-based product, so your employees and clients can access it anywhere, anytime.

Stoneridge Software has combined Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the Levridge solution for ag retailers for an end-to-end accounting, operations and customer relationship management solution, aimed at modernizing the ag retail business. Implemented by our knowledgeable and tenacious team at Stoneridge Software you’ll have the right solution and the right people to get you up and running. And we don’t just stop there. We know that in order for an implementation to be successful you need a support system behind you for the long haul. That’s us. We work with your team from the very beginning and our crew is still there in the end, providing you with the right assistance and connections to our community and abundant resources.

In addition to core financials, Microsoft Dynamics for ag retailers covers your industry-specific needs.


Commodity Accounting

  • Futures & Options, Risk Management
  • Commodity Contracts
  • Settling & Invoicing
  • Mark to Market
  • Real-Time DPR Long/Short

No more dealing with inflexible reporting. A modern cloud-based platform with integration to the Microsoft Office Suite and the ability to work with multiple other software applications gives Levridge an enhanced commodity accounting experience. With a built-in connection to the back office and your accounting team, access to information is seamless. Built-in features address everything you need to run your business including scale tickets, settlements, contracts, and outbound shipments.


Accounting & Retail

  • Billing Splits
  • Prepayments
  • Volume Discounts & Rebates
  • Claims Management
  • Fleet
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Procurement
  • P&L Reporting Across Locations & Regions

Split billing is a unique and necessary challenge for the ag industry. Levridge includes billing split management and the ability to clearly define splits by collecting data and using grower confirmation to maintain accuracy. The ag retail functionality includes the ability for customers and vendors to prepay and the opportunity to track and make adjustments based on consumption and usage. What about volume discounts and rebates? You’ll no longer need to track this on paper or in a separate spreadsheet. Levridge includes a modern and integrated approach to reaching low net pricing by seamlessly handling grower rebates and pricing. By taking advantage of the commissions, rebates and trade agreement set up functions that are native to the Dynamics 365 solution.


Commodity Processing

  • Commodity Receiving
  • Settlements & Discounts
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipments & Invoicing
  • Lot Tracking
  • Risk Management

The Levridge solution handles the entire process of commodity receiving, from the inbound scale ticket and commodity delivery, to tracking all of the quantities for each delivery from each of your customers. Inbound grain is handled from purchase contract to receiving the grain to final payment. Commodity processing components include: pricing the contracts, calculating quality discounts, as well as charges and fees. The end result of the inbound process is payment to the grower in their preferred method of either electronic ACH wire transfer or check.

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