Custom Integrations

With some of the most technically savvy consultants in-house, who love to solve problems, it’s no surprise that the Stoneridge Software team are known experts at building custom integrations to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Connecting different line of business applications isn’t always easy. But, we know the importance of optimizing your system so all moving parts are working together.

In fact we’ve formed some foundational partnerships with third-party solutions and developed some standard integrations for our clients that we use over and over in our projects.

Expensify Integration

One of our most requested integrations is to the popular expense management solution, Expensify. The Stoneridge team offers this integration service for our clients using Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain.

As a professional services consulting firm, Stoneridge continually looks for ways to increase efficiency and address the pain points of business functions. A business process frequently in need of improvement is the management of expense reports. Expensify is a popular expense reporting system, whose brand is built around simplifying the entire receipt and expense management process. Using the Expensify integration eliminates spreadsheets, paper receipts, and manual processes while allowing for sophisticated approval workflows and manager controls. Stoneridge processes expense reports on a weekly basis and knows first-hand the amount of staff time and effort it takes.

After realizing the ease and benefits of using Expensify, Stoneridge partnered with the expense reporting operation to build an integration to Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.

The Expensify integration service is available to clients where Stoneridge Software is the implementing partner.

If you’re interested in services by Stoneridge Software and the Expensify integration contact us.

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