Stoneridge Process Centric Methodology = Implementation Success

We understand that implementing a new software solution is a transformational event for your company. This is not like upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Office – when you embark on an ERP or CRM replacement or implementation, you need everyone on board to reach the destination. It also requires experienced consultants who know what it takes to get you across the finish line. As veterans of Microsoft support, we have seen many projects struggle when the solutions would have succeeded with the right implementation approach. At Stoneridge Software, we’ve taken Microsoft’s Sure Step implementation framework and added our own best practices from years of support and project management experience. The expert team from Stoneridge Software has developed a Process Centric Methodology, delivering the right approach to assist with your Microsoft Dynamics implementation.
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What does the Stoneridge Process Centric Methodology mean for you?

The graphic below details a visualization of our finely tuned approach. Key differentiators in our Process Centric Implementation Methodology are the use of Joint Process Design (JPD), a focus on client ownership, proper controls, and adaptability.



  • Internal Sales Handoff and Planning
  • Enterprise Process Review
  • Establish Project Governance
  • Project Kickoff

Iterate By Process

  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Construct
  • Improve


  • User Training
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Go / No-Go Review
  • Go Live


  • Hypercare
  • Transition to Support
  • Close Project

Process Centric approach using Joint Process Design

Use of Joint Process Design (JPD) is a big player in the Stoneridge Difference. This is a key area of success for our implementation methodology. The JPD is process centric and involves user engagement to understand business processes and bring to bear industry standard best practices provided by Dynamics out-of-the-box technology. By using this process centric approach we are exposing your users to the product in the context of processes early and often. Key team members from your business are actively involved in the process and take ownership in the adoption and set up of the solution.

Focus on client ownership

The Stoneridge Process Centric Methodology gives your team exposure to the solution early on. This, in addition to providing education and training, ensures clients are comfortable with the solution when it becomes live. Our vision is such, that by the time you’ve purchased the solution from us, we’ve already done most of the work. We’re using Life Cycle Services (LCS) tools, so you’re not starting from ground zero. By working with Stoneridge you’re already ahead of the game.

Proper controls

To protect your budget and schedule needs, while also delivering solutions, proper controls must be in place during the implementation. To enforce proper controls the Stoneridge Process Centric Implementation Methodology, communication, in general, is important. There must be full transparency of work effort, and checkpoints are included in each phase of the project where we have clear exit and entry criteria. This gives you, the client, opportunities for full visibility of deliverables and ensuring alignment on expectations.

Initiatives that contribute to proper controls are: weekly project status reports, thorough, up-to-date budget review, key activities accomplished, next step activities, periodic health checks from project stakeholders standpoint, and a well-managed issues and risk list.

Setting scope expectations, clear and concise documentation of business process and solution direction, and establishing budget and schedule are also a key part of this process.


Your business is unique. By stepping into your shoes we are able to tailor each implementation to suit the needs of individual clients. Your culture, business, user community, organizational complexity, and leadership are all things that influence how closely we follow our methodology framework or allow flexibility in certain areas. The process centric approach is a unique guide that is tailored based on your needs.