The Future of Business is The Cloud

Leveraging the Microsoft Cloud is more than a strategic move – it’s a game-changer for ensuring robust security measures and optimized infrastructure. For those still on-premise, we understand the challenges of transition. We’re here to support you and help you envision a future that aligns with your needs, using powerful tools like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Intune.

Partner with Experts

A trusted team can guide and simplify your path to success. Stoneridge Software can help you navigate this process, ensuring you’re not only compliant but also leveraging every tool to its fullest potential. Stay ahead with the latest advancements and connect your team to what they need, when they need it.

Major Benefits of the Microsoft Cloud:

  • Safeguard your data with built-in security and access management
  • Scale resources on demand to adapt quickly to changing requirements
  • Empowering remote work to stay connected and productive
  • Peace of mind for your team and your clients

Cloud Business Systems = Opportunity

Securing the Future of Business – Dive into the Microsoft Cloud Advantage

Assess and Optimize Your Current Azure Environment

If you are already on Microsoft Azure, sitting down with Stoneridge to do a comprehensive assessment of your current  environment has several key benefits:


Azure provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your current setup, resource utilization, performance bottlenecks, and areas where you can improve.


It helps identify unused or underutilized resources in your system.

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Saving you money by enabling cost optimization by restructuring and identifying unnecessary assets.


It gives you a chance to set security configurations, access controls, and compliance requirements – identifying vulnerabilities to ensure adherence to standards.

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It optimizes performance by refining networking configurations, increasing storage solutions, and implementing caching mechanisms.

Unlock the full spectrum of Microsoft Cloud security features with the seasoned team of experts at Stoneridge.

Cloud Consulting Services

Stoneridge’s experienced team of consultants possesses a deep knowledge of the platforms and applications you use to run your business. We keep up with the latest updates, newest features, and best practices to ensure your company’s security standards stay current.

Our main goal is to empower you with confidence in using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure so you can maximize the value of your cloud investment.

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Microsoft 365 Consulting Services

When you use Stoneridge to help manage your Microsoft 365 environment, you gain access to many perks including:

  • Comprehensive assessments and planning meetings.
  • Implementation Support.
  • Transition support as you move to M365.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Cost savings.
  • Improved productivity and collaboration amongst your team.
  • Continued support after implementation.
  • Opportunities to stay up to date with technological advancements and product updates.

Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Stoneridge helps you optimize your Microsoft Azure environment by providing a number of services:

  • Data consolidation and migration from locally hosted (on-prem) to cloud
  • Transition support as you move to Azure
  • Integration of 3rd party applications for Single Sign On and improved collaboration
  • Creation and design of cloud infrastructure
  • Platform integrations
  • CRM and ERP integration or migrations to Azure

With either platform, we can help you navigate how you will reach your Microsoft cloud goals and propel your project forward. We do this through two methods:


A project roadmap provides you with a clear vision and strategic plan on how you will advance through the many stages of your project. It also gives you tangible strategic plans you can present to the necessary stakeholders and employees to ensure your entire team is aligned on methodology, expectations, and goals.

Envisioning Sessions

Stoneridge experts bring valuable expertise and years of insight to the table when meeting with you to discuss your vision and goals. We will meet with your team to brainstorm ideas on how to address challenges, identify opportunities, and improve your project workflows.

Scalable Backups and Recovery

Microsoft Azure offers you secure and scalable storage options, giving you peace of mind when considering how to protect both your structured and unstructured data. There are two main pieces to this puzzle:

Azure Backup

Automates backups and data protection, eliminating your need for costly and bulky on-premises servers.

Azure Site Recovery

Enables quick replication and recovery of data and workloads in the case of a disaster.

Simply put, Microsoft Azure gives you solid data protection, excellent backup capabilities, and automatic regulatory compliance. Another perk is Azure’s flexible pricing, making it an affordable and cost-efficient solution for organizations of all sizes.

Empowering Your Security with Identity and Access Strategies

A dynamic and well-managed security, identity, and access strategy is critical in today’s digital landscape. Cyber threats are becoming more common and more sophisticated, meaning the need for proactive security measures has never been more important. It not only protects your employees, your stakeholders, your partners, and most importantly your customers, but it also gives them confidence in your organization.

So, what can Stoneridge Software’s Cloud Consulting resources offer you?

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Stoneridge will assess your current Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy to identify opportunities for improvement and put together the next steps. IAM is a critical security measure that safeguards your sensitive data from unauthorized access. It also:

  • Ensures your users have the proper level of access, minimizing data bleeds or leaks
  • Streamlines user access management, authentication, and authorization processes enhancing efficiency and reducing administrative tasks.
  • Allows you to enact and optimize IAM policies and procedures.

Security Assessments and Consulting

Our experts will meet with your team and analyze your current security processes to identify vulnerabilities, deficiencies, and potential risks. This gives you a holistic view of your environment and a picture of what can be improved. After that, you can prioritize investments and allocate the proper resources to the places that need them most.

From there we will get to work with you on creating a roadmap and then setting up your Microsoft Azure environment so you can take advantage of the many benefits of the Microsoft cloud.

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