What Is Microsoft Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps is a flexible, low code app building tool that allows you to create custom apps for your business processes. Whether you are a developer or have no coding experience, Power Apps makes app building simple and accessible. Launch apps quickly and leverage AI in your custom apps to gain business insights. Apps are user-friendly because they look like other Microsoft Dynamics 365 products. If you use any Dynamics 365 or Office 365 products, you can take advantage of seamless integrations and similar user interfaces.

The Four Major Components of Power Apps

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Canvas Apps

Create apps simply with pre-built templates or start from a blank canvas.

Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing

Model-Driven Apps

Choose existing entities, forms, views, and dashboards to create custom model-driven apps for your business.

Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing


Create an external-facing site that integrates with your data. Customers can access their accounts, request service, complete a work order, and more through the portal.

Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing

Common Data Service

The Common Data Service securely holds your data. All Power Apps are built on the Common Data Service.

Microsoft Access Vs. Power Apps

Microsoft Access and Power Apps can both be used to create apps from a template or completely from scratch. The two main advantages of Power Apps over Microsoft Access are mobile friendly apps and added security from being cloud-based.


What’s The Benefit of Microsoft Power Apps Over Other App Tools?

Microsoft Power Apps integrate with Dynamics 365 and Office 365 products. Power Apps have a similar user interface as other Microsoft products, making them easy to navigate from an end-user perspective. Power Apps offer a lot of flexibility to customize your apps to your business.


Power Apps Services


Power Apps Desktop App Development

Power Apps focus is for the development of web and mobile apps. The desktop version of PowerApps Studio was deprecated in 2018. PowerApps is not set up to create a desktop app that can be accessed offline or standalone. However, if you want to create a web app that can be run online by a computer, just select “Tablet mode” when you are building the app. In this scenario it is recommended to set the screen size ratio at 1980 x 1080 pixels.


Power Apps Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is available for Power Apps. This makes Power Apps a thorough low-code app platform. Power Apps Mobile App development means users can create mobile apps that can be distributed wherever end users need them. Distribution options include Microsoft Endpoint Manager or other third-party MDM solutions. You can also use app stores like Microsoft App Center, Google Play and Apple.


Power Apps Tutorials

Microsoft has many resources available to learn the basics of Power Apps. The blog Overview of Creating Apps in Power Apps is a great starting point. Microsoft also has learning modules available, such as Introduction to Power Apps, Get Started with Power Apps Canvas Apps, and Introduction to Power Apps Portals.


Power Apps Training

If you’re wondering how to fully realize the solution, Stoneridge Software is a go-to resource to show you how you could visualize this product at your business to increase efficiency and customer service – from the basics to eye opening possibilities.

Power Apps Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Microsoft Power Apps Subscription Cost?

Microsoft offers transparent pricing available to view at any time. Find up-to-date Dynamics 365 Power Apps subscription pricing from Microsoft.

Is There a Record Limit for Microsoft Power Apps?

Yes, there is a record limit for non-delegable functions. The standard limit is 500, but this can be adjusted to up to 2,000.

What Devices Do Microsoft Power Apps Support?

Microsoft Power Apps support IOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices; Windows desktop; and web browsers.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Microsoft Power Apps

At Stoneridge Software, we have extensive experience implementing Power Apps. Stoneridge Software works shoulder-to-shoulder with your team through the implementation to prepare your business for success. If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level with Microsoft Power Apps, we can guide you through that process.

We support the entire Microsoft Dynamics range of products in addition to Power Platform and Microsoft 365. We collaborate with you from before your project begins, to working with our pre-sales architects, to implementation, delivery, and support.  We have a team of solution architects, business analysts, and functional and technical consultants. We provide you with ongoing education to help you win with Microsoft business solutions.

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Working with the team at Stoneridge Software, they developed both an internal and external app that would not only provide information each group was looking for but provide the opportunity for users to communicate important updates or requests.

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