Technology Nerds

Our team at Stoneridge Software is full of self-proclaimed technology nerds. We love learning the latest and greatest software updates, technology solutions and industry best practices and are eager to put our geekiness to use for the benefit of your project. You can count on our team to know their stuff and get things done.

“I love it when a client says ‘This process used to take us days, now we can do it in minutes.’ I’ve always been a nerd for technology and business. Stoneridge Software is the ultimate place where I’ve been able to combine my passions.”

– Eric Newell, CEO, Stoneridge Software

Greater Goals & Vision

We have bigger goals than most companies: we strive to be better for you and your business, as well as our local communities.


Recognized Experts

When you partner with Stoneridge Software, you get an ambitious team of globally recognized experts with deep knowledge of the application and how to make it fit your business. Anyone can handle simple business issues, we can tackle simple to complex problems and create seamless, integrated solutions that are right for your business. With proven capabilities and years of experience in project management methodology, Stoneridge Software provides hands-on implementation guidance to ensure success throughout the entire ERP process.

work ethic

Work Ethic & Shared Success

Founded on Midwestern values, Stoneridge Software has an unequaled work ethic and a great desire for shared success. We approach every client engagement as though we are part of the business and make recommendations that are in alignment with that mindset. With a strong sense of community and customer service, Stoneridge Software will work to make your ERP or CRM project as seamless as possible. We are eager to see you succeed.


Committed to Community

We believe in community. We value the communities in which we live and work: the Microsoft Dynamics community, the Stoneridge customer community, and the overarching business community. We support many endeavors to establish roots in all these arenas. From charitable contributions, renovating historic structures, participating in and facilitating Dynamics user groups and other training opportunities, to supporting business and industry trade groups, Stoneridge strives to remain committed in many ways.


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We meet our commitments, go the extra mile for our clients and do so with a positive attitude.

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We deliver value and quality in every client engagement and seek long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

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We are open and honest with our clients, partners, and team.

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Enjoy our Work

We bring enthusiasm and passion to our profession, collaborate well across our team, and maintain balance in our lives.

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Technical Excellence

As true product and technology experts, we invest in readiness to reinforce our skills and continually grow our expertise.

Bringing Excellence to our Clients

Stoneridge Combined Microsoft Logo 2023

Microsoft Solutions Partner status must be achieved and maintained on an annual basis.


What does it mean to be a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

A Microsoft Solutions Partner designation means that Stoneridge has demonstrated a specific proven skill set earned at the highest level by undergoing rigorous requirements. Only companies demonstrating exceptional performance are able to qualify in a variety of pre-set criteria. With Microsoft Solutions Partner designations across several Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM products, Stoneridge gains additional advantages in working with Microsoft, such as access to advanced training, additional technical support, as well as increased access to Microsoft products and services. By working with a Partner like Stoneridge, we pass these benefits and expertise on to you. Microsoft Solutions Partners are required to:

  • Pass required exams and skill validation each year
  • Meet performance requirements
  • Have Microsoft Certified Trainers
  • Submit qualified customer references





  • 2023/2024 Microsoft Inner Circle
  • 2020/2021 Microsoft Inner Circle
  • 2018/2019 Microsoft Inner Circle
  • Bob Scott’s Top VARs
  • Bob Scott’s VAR Stars
  • Accounting Today Top 100 VARs
  • Inc. 5000: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018
  • Progress Minnesota Award
  • Minnesota Business Magazine Best Places to Work
  • Star Tribune Top 150 Workplaces
  • Minneapolis Business Journal Best Places to Work
  • Prairie Business Magazine Best Places to Work
  • Inc. Best Workplaces



Working With Us

We recognize that you may only pursue a CRM or ERP project once every 10 to 15 years. When done right, these projects can transform your business. To guide your transformation, we’ve created this five-step proven process for engaging with clients to ensure the ultimate experience and a successful result. Learn more—watch the video.

“I’ve been extremely happy with the services provided by Stoneridge Software and would thoroughly recommend them for their high ongoing levels of customer service. Definitely the best in the industry!”

– Mike Grestch, IT Director, Hallmark Insights

Our Process:

  1. Align

    About Us • About You • Establish Success Criteria • Discover & Demo • Determine Team • Set Scope, Schedule & Budget

    We get to know you, you get to know us. Choosing the right partner is one of your most important decisions. Our team will help you envision your solution and put together a plan and budget for the project. This alignment phase sets us both up for success.

  2. Define

    Team Onboarding • Envision Success • Gather Requirements • Solution Together • Make a Plan

    We’ll introduce you to the project team and we’ll work together to envision what a successful outcome looks like, gather vital information to inform the implementation and put our heads together for the best solution. The result of this phase is an important plan with a blueprint of how best to move forward.

  3. Create

    Engage End Users • Analyze & Together • Construct Iterate & Improve • Ensure Quality

    Consultants and developers will get to work on the buildout of your solution, and we’ll start to engage your users. Using best practices, we’re going to iterate through this phase with you until we get the solution that you’re looking for.

  4. Deploy

    Training • Knowledge Transfer • Go-Live • User Adoption

    Your system is going live! We know that moving off of your existing system into a new one is challenging, and we’re going be there to assist your users and to make sure you have the understanding and training you need to operate the system is running as you expect to.

  5. Empower

    Hyper-care • Support Lifecycle • Continuous Education • Enhance Capabilities • User Confidence

    You implemented this business system for scalability and efficiency. We’re going to be there to help your users, to make sure your system is running, to empower your team to know what the possibilities are, to build confidence, and bottom line – we’re with you every step of the way.

  6. Learn about the people
    putting this plan into action
    for you and your business.

    Meet The Team