Spend Your Time Focused on Customers and Jobs

As a specialty contractor you want to spend your time focused on customers and jobs, not managing multiple manual tasks. In a nutshell, you need to generate leads, manage your customers and provide a job quote or estimate, while tracking all of that information in one place. At Stoneridge Software, we have experienced people and solid business applications to help you manage those processes and provide you with a high level overview, plus visibility into each job, so you can make real-time decisions. We work with you upfront to determine the right solution and a proven path forward. And when you’re live on your new solution, we’re still there to help you realize the return on your investment. We keep you connected to our team and the right resources to help you get the most from your solution.


Customer Engagement

Job identification • Job Management • Job Quotes

It all begins with an opportunity. Microsoft Dynamics 365 tracks your projects (and potential projects) from the day they are first identified through the quoting process.


Job Setup & Budgeting

Budget Estimating • Contract Management • Scheduling • Work Orders

Once a job is won, the real work begins. From estimating to managing contracts, scheduling your team and responsibilities on each job, everything can be tracked in the solution.


Project Execution

Purchasing • Material Consumption • Equipment/Inventory Management • Billing • Retainage • Creation & Management of Change Orders • Review Committed Costs vs. Actual Costs

There are a lot of moving parts on a project. Keeping track of all the details and being able to view them all in one place is key. Whether it’s purchasing, equipment or change orders, our business applications provide you with what you need to know for each job.

Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing

Management Insights

Project Visibility Reports – expected delivery dates, payment info for subcontractors, work orders & change orders, hourly labor rate • Cash Management

The devil is in the details. And there are thousands in a construction project! Our reporting functions allow you visibility into the things you care about most, leading to more profitable decision-making. Your back office accounting team has the financial tools and information they need at their fingertips to manage what you’re owed, and track against those commitments and what has already been paid.

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RK Mechanical Eliminates Manual Calculations and Time Keeping, Increases Job Cost Accuracy

RK Mechanical, one of the largest mechanical contractors in Colorado, had a large number of ongoing projects with a high importance placed on understanding the profit and loss data on each contract. While they had previously implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP and Key2Act as their business operations solution, certain areas within the system were incorrectly configured, causing the finance team to resort to using Excel spreadsheets to continue to manually complete processes.

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