As a project-based firm, your business has complex needs

You have multiple concurrent projects, many locations and team members at various levels that all need access to the same critical information. If this sounds like you, your in the right place. The Stoneridge Software team has expertise living and and breathing implementation projects for commercial construction. Though it might seem like a challenge to some, with the right technology, supporting processes and systems, your company can build the right foundation for collaboration and support for the ever-changing operational and market needs. At Stoneridge Software, we have deep expertise in the Construction industry and can demonstrate that our team and Dynamics 365 is the answer to your construction project needs. Our clients have rebuilt their technology foundation and migrated multiple companies over to one Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. No more multiple, segmented software solutions and emailed spreadsheets. Whether it’s in the office, or at the project site, Dynamics 365 solutions connect people of all roles throughout the company. The right system and the right team to support you allows for flexibility, adaptability and ensures your projects and company will realize the benefits of your business application investment.


Strategy & Bidding

  • Target Market Identification
  • Lead Generation
  • Project Bidding
  • Deal Closing
  • Licensing

Job Setup & Budgeting

  • Budget Estimating & Forecasting
  • Taxes
  • Union Setup & Selection

Project Execution

  • Purchasing
  • Service Management
  • Material Consumption
  • Equipment Management
  • Billing
  • Budget vs Actual


  • Cost Analysis & Revenue Recognition
  • Reporting (WIP, Cost to Complete, Project Audit, Project Estimates, Committed Costs)
  • Month End • Finance Automation

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The Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry is happening. Is your company ready?

Putting information in the hands of your people, in the office and on the job site, is critical for construction companies. A digitally connected world means customers and employees alike are demanding more and more from you.

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