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In Mastering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementations, accomplished executive, project manager, and author Eric Newell delivers a holistic, step-by-step reference to implementing Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP and CRM business applications. You’ll find the detailed and concrete instructions you need to take your implementation project all the way to the finish line, on-time, and on-budget.

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What will you learn?


The precise steps to take, in the correct order, to bring your Dynamics 365 implementation to life


What to do before you begin the project, including identifying stakeholders and building your business case


How to deal with a change management throughout the lifecycle of your project


How to manage conference room pilots (CRPs) and what to expect during the sessions

Who could benefit from this read? Perfect for CIOs, technology VPs, CFOs, Operations leaders, application directors, business analysts, ERP/CRM specialists, and project managers, Mastering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementations is an indispensable and practical reference for guiding your real-world Dynamics 365 implementation from planning to completion.

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