Distributors need to respond more quickly and predict more accurately than ever before.

Expectations are increasing and companies have increased pressure to deliver and streamline processes with their customers, suppliers, and employees. The team at Stoneridge Software has the expert resources and the right Microsoft Dynamics business applications to get you there. We’ve got the know-how and the tenacious nature to tackle digging into your business processes and learning the best way we can use ERP and CRM software to help you accomplish your goals. Whether that includes identifying market trends, gaining visibility into your supply chain, controlling inventory, responding to demands, managing vendor relationships, and delivering great customer experiences or all of the above, we’ll get you there. And once your project goes live – and be assured using our proven process it will, we’re still there. We’re known for our seasoned support crew to help you sustain your solution, provide the education your users need and keep you connected to the right resources to get the most from your investment.

Solution Map

In addition to core financials, Microsoft Dynamics for Distribution covers your industry-specific needs.

Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing

Planning & Purchasing

Procurement & Purchase Requisition • Request for Quotes | Lead Time Optimization | Material Requirements Planning (MRP) | Return to Vendor Capabilities | Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Operational efficiency starts with visibility, production flexibility, and the ability to integrate to necessary business applications. Stoneridge Software and Microsoft Dynamics can do all that. From tracking vendors and product to purchase requisitions, our solutions handle the entire planning phase so you have enough product on hand when you need it.


Warehouse/Inventory Management

Batch & Serial Tracking • Internal Product Movement • Inventory Control • Mobile Device Functionality

Once you have the inventory, you need to know how much you have where it’s at at any given phase and where it came from.



Leads & Opportunity Tracking • Customer Orders & Returns • Pricing • Order Fulfilment • Commission Calculation

Before your product can move out the door, there has to be demand for it. Our team and our solutions can handle the entire process from tracking leads, converting opportunities to sales and the entire order process for both your internal team and your customers.

Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing

Value Chain Execution

Traceability • Picking & Shipping • Transportation Management

From tracking the origination of each product to where to find it and get it sent out, Microsoft Dynamics and Stoneridge software can improve your value chain execution. Whether its getting a handle on inbound and outbound freight management, establishing routes, carriers and drivers or collaborating with suppliers. We’ll help you ease communication and create visibility throughout the value chain execution.

Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing

Management Insights

Power BI Dashboards • Customer Sales Insights • Inventory Aging • Inventory On-hand Levels

In order to be profitable, your distribution business needs to be able to quickly and cost-effectively address changing business requirements. Our solutions give stakeholders visibility into operations across geographies and gain a reliable view of inventory. The real-time visibility to the information you need helps connect employees, customers and supply chain partners.

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If you’re interested in improving distribution productivity, avoiding wasted resources, and gaining greater insight across the organization, contact Stoneridge Software about how we can help.

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“Technical Solutions with a Business Perspective”

“Stoneridge has individuals that not only bring technical solutions to the table, but also business perspective. I feel, that some of the support/developer staff truly perform as an extension of my IT staff.”
Bill Blomker, IT Manager, Crest Healthcare Supply

“My Go-to Provider”

“Stoneridge Software (formerly DFC Consultants) have been my go-to provider for over 20 years. I always receive first rate service and would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of the services they provide!”
Joletta Morrell, Beco Inc.

“They Really Care About Our Business”

“The Stoneridge team always ensures we are making the best decision for our company. They don’t always just do what I ask. They ask questions to be sure I’m getting what I really need, not just what I’m asking for. They really care about our business.”
Sandy Englund, BDS Laundry

“Always a Delight to Work With”

“Stoneridge Software has always been a delight to work with. They have always helped to steer our implementations towards best practice.”
Abby Wolverton, IT Manager, DecoPac, Inc.

“Knowledgeable Professionals”

“Stoneridge Software is a team of knowledgeable professionals with a broad degree of expertise. They are partners that help move our business forward.”
Wayne Freeman, Director of Information Technology, Merrick Pet Care, Inc.

“They Listen”

“They listen more than they talk.”
Debra Peters, Director of Finance, HR & IT, Midwest Rubber Service and Supply Company

“Truly Understanding Our Industry”

“The success of the project was really due to the amount of time and energy that Stoneridge put into gathering information and truly understanding our industry.”
Chris Alberty, President, Agassiz Seed & Supply

“They’re There With You”

“One of the key things about a partner is that they’re there with you. Stoneridge Software understood our deadlines and they were scrapping just as hard as we were to make sure we hit them. After a while, we didn’t really make the distinction between our own people and members of Stoneridge.”
Jeff Warner, President, FORCE America