From contracts to production and distribution, we know you need visibility into your operation from beginning to end. Stoneridge Software has a seasoned team of experts who’ve worked to implement Microsoft Dynamics for seed suppliers and seed distributors. As problem solvers who don’t back down from a challenge we put the work in before we even begin a project to truly understand your criteria for a successful outcome and how we can help you achieve it.

We’re an extension of your team, working shoulder-to-shoulder to get the job done the right way. And like any good team, we’ve always got your back. We know that implementing a new solution is only the beginning. As a Stoneridge client you’re part of our community and we keep you connected to the right resources to get the most from your investment and provide the necessary training and support you need, when you need it.

In addition to core financials, Microsoft Dynamics for Seed companies covers your industry specific needs.


Bookings & Contracts • Royalty Management | Production Planning • Lot Tracking

The planning phase is all about knowing what is expected to come in, who its from, and what needs to go out. Microsoft Dynamics helps get your requirements in order, and gives you visibility into what contracts you have. This access to information extends to your partner network and scheduling dealer delivery and pickups. You’ll have visibility at your fingertips in one system beginning with tracking sales orders and everything else cascades from there.



Multiple Resource & Capability Management • Outside Vendor Management • Seed Blending | Production Output Tracking • Quality Assurance Testing

If the planning phase is what to expect, production covers what happens once your product is in hand. We’ll get you set up to schedule and track your resources whether that’s your personnel or your machines. You’ll be able to track what’s happening to your seeds and where it’s at in the process. Whether it’s being sent to an outside vendor for drying or cleaning, or needs an additional application, the path of your product is all visible to your team, from when it comes, where it goes, when it comes back and how it should be stored. If your process requires blending, our team has the knowledge and know-how to get that correctly configured too.


Warehouse/Inventory Management

Lot Characteristics • Internal Product Movement Tracking • Tracking Seed Type • Silo Management

Once your seeds reach this stage it’s important to know exactly what you’ve got and where it’s at in your facility. Microsoft Dynamics can track specific log characteristics by group and any necessary individual attributes you need to track beyond that. The inventory process, from raw to dirty and clean, (to sorting into small, medium and large if needed) the entire movement of the system tracks the management of seed in all the different states of manufacturing. This includes picking and put away, so in the end your team can see where it’s going and know where it’s stored.

Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing

Management Insights

Power BI Dashboards • Detailed Reporting of On-hand Inventory • Inventory Forecasting

We know inventory tracking capabilities is a key process for seed companies, but being able to visualize this data is equally important. Our solution includes easy to read dashboards and reports so you know what you can produce, when you can produce it, and what you have at each location. You can see at any time what inventory is on-hand, what is raw, what is bagged and whatever your most important metrics are. This is a key difference in production planning, so your team knows what they need to produce, what they can deliver and when dealers can pick up.

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“Truly Understanding Our Industry”

“The success of the project was really due to the amount of time and energy that Stoneridge put into gathering information and truly understanding our industry.”

Chris Alberty, President, Agassiz Seed & Supply