Increase your profitability through automated processes, reduced paperwork, and timely operating information.

Project-based organizations like engineering or accounting firms, IT consulting companies, advertising and marketing agencies or anyone that bills for time and expenses have unique challenges. Operational success requires efficient time and expense collection, timely and accurate invoice preparation and effective project management. Stoneridge Software has helped create efficiencies within project-based companies by leveraging the finance and project capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics. Our proven approach to implementations includes working side-by-side with your team to learn about your business processes and what makes you unique so we can set the project up for success.

By taking advantage of integrated business solutions that work across multiple business focus areas and individual roles, professional services organizations can obtain a 360-degree view into clients, projects and cost controls. This type of system offers practice managers and leaders up-to-date operation insights that lead to better, more informed decision-making. Rest assured that our team is there for the duration, to support you, keep you connected to necessary resources and ensure you truly get the most from your investment.

In addition to core financials, Microsoft Dynamics for Professional Services covers your industry-specific needs.

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Project Quotation

Work Effort Estimation • Categorization for Bidding • Lead to Opportunity tracking w/ CRM Integration

Begin building and managing the relationship with your potential clients by tracking the entire quotation lifecycle. From learning the details of the project to providing an estimate and then winning the deal and moving on to the project phase.


Delivery Optimization

Project Planning • Booking Resources • Budget Forecast & Creation • Templated Work Breakdown Structures

Within the Dynamics 365 solution you can begin to prepare for how you will staff the project, taking into account the capabilities and skills of resources that are required. This is where the core of your project planning takes place. And templated work breakdown structures save you time on repeat projects.


Project Execution

Time Entry • Purchasing • Expense Tracking & Categorization • Ease of Integrations • Complex Invoicing & Billing • Budget vs. Actual Reporting

During project execution we provide you with the features to have visibility into on-time and on-budget goals. Easily enter time, categorize expenses, import expenses and track everything you need in order to accurately bill, whether it’s time and material or fixed bid.


Accounting & Reporting

Cost Analysis & Revenue Recognition • Reporting: WIP, Cost to Complete, Project Audit, Project Estimates, Committed Costs

Visualize where you are at. You’ll see what you have left for work, what the costs are per project and track month-end at a high level. Using Microsoft Dynamics we helps service based companies with accurate revenue recognition, including accrual, completed contract or percentage of completion methods. We can accommodate periodic billings, milestone billings or bill everything at completion. Microsoft Dynamics provides you the flexibility to accommodate multiple revenue recognition and billing processes.

“Every Step Was Done Right”

“The implementation went really well. The project managers and the team at Stoneridge broke it up in a way that was intentional and made sense. By getting everything on the schedule, keeping everyone accountable and making sure every step was done right, we had a successful project at the end.”
Conor Borud, CFO, Steffes Group

“Experienced Consultants”

“There was no question in our mind that we would use Stoneridge Software, because they have the experienced consultants we know we can count on and trust.”
Scott Meyer, CFO, Electrosonic

“Stoneridge Has Always Been There for Us”

“Stoneridge has always been there for us even pre-Stoneridge. We like having someone available to answer our questions and work through new business processes/ideas our users come up with.”
Peter Caprara, Database Administrator, Dixon Hughes Goodman