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Power BI is a set of analytics tools to help you create rich, interactive reports with modern data visualizations for better insights and quicker decision-making capabilities. BI can be implemented in many different ways, across industries and departments, and is viewable anyway, anywhere. Power BI enables you to prep and model your data with ease and create visual analytics no matter where your data resides (SQL Server, Dynamics 365, Excel, etc.)


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Power BI Basic Workshop: 2 Days (17 hours)

The Basic Power BI Workshop is two days and provides a technical overview of Power BI. Workshop attendees get hands-on experience by connecting to data sources, transforming data, creating calculations, and creating dashboards. Target attendees for this workshop are Power Users, IT, Analysts, or anyone else who wants to gain hands-on experience with Power BI.

The workshop can be conducted at Stoneridge offices or a client site. The number of attendees should be between 5 and 10. Depending on the pace of the class, material from either day may be incorporated in Day 1 or be moved to Day 2.

Pre-Workshop Prep: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Discovery with your team to uncover pain points around reporting/dashboarding, information access, and Power BI use cases.

Course Outline:

Day 1 (8 Hours)

  • Setup environment/databases required for the workshop. Install of Power BI on participants’ computers and set up of
  • Microsoft databases
  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Overview of Power BI Desktop Interface
  • Import, transform and join data
  • Introduction to DAX
  • Create columns, measures, and hierarchies that need to be used in Power BI reports we’re going to build
  • Creation of reports. Reports could include the following options:
    • Top 10 Customers
    • Sales by Customer Geography
    • Top 5 Product Sales
    • Product Revenue by Sales Region

Day 2 (8 Hours)

  • Completion of reports. Report options could include:
    • Product Revenue Details
    • Sales by Time Details
    • Sales Revenue Growth
    • Sales Revenue Details
    • Sales by State
    • Sales by Geography
    • Publish Visuals to Power BI Service
    • Power BI and SSAS cubes
    • Power BI Security
    • Power BI Free vs. Pro vs. Premium
    • Power BI Service
    • Power BI Gateway
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Custom 1-Day Power BI Workshop:

1 Day plus 1-2 hours of discovery and 16 hours to build content for a total of 27 hours.

This workshop is designed to enhance your understanding of Power BI by creating a dashboard that your organization uses. It provides hands-on Power BI development experience by connecting to your data sources and creating a dashboard identified by your subject matter experts (SMEs). Stoneridge will work with your SMEs to define the requirements for dashboard development and specific KPIs that need to be included on the dashboard. This workshop will be conducted live at your site.

To simplify the experience, this workshop will include 1 dashboards with 6 visuals, two data sources, and 8 tables.

Course Outline:

  • Discovery call with you and your team to uncover BI needs, define and finalize workshop use cases (dashboards/reports), data sources. Schedule day and time for workshop. This should preferably be held on site for us to do a whiteboard session to mock-up the dashboard. 2 Hours.
  • Verify connectivity of Power BI to your data sources. 1 Hour.
  • If Power BI can’t connect to the data source, then you are responsible for extracting data in Excel format.
  • Stoneridge to develop customized workshop content with step-by-step instructions for creating a dashboard. 16 Hours

Day 1 (8 Hours)

On-site at your location to conduct the workshop.  Specific steps may differ depending on requirements but will usually include:

  • Power BI overview
  • Overview of Power BI Desktop Interface
  • Connect to client’s data sources (if possible)
  • Import, transform and manipulate data
  • Create columns and measures for dashboard
  • Create visuals
  • Publish dashboard
  • Refreshing data in Power BI service (if connecting to customer’s data source)
  • Q&A

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Quick Start Power BI Project:

The Quick Start Power BI Project, at two-weeks, is a short, low cost, agile project. The Quick Start is a great way for you to get up and running with Power BI in a short period of time, get training, and hands-on-development experience. It is also a good starting point for future Power BI projects. Here is a sample Agenda:

Part 1 – BI Discovery – 2 days

Focuses on identifying Power BI use cases, business and technical pain points around reporting/dashboarding, and understanding of your data sources/structure.

Part 2 – Quick Start Solution – 6 days

Create visuals, reports, and dashboards. On-the-job training and test data in dashboards.

Part 3 – Knowledge Transfer and Roadmap – 2 days

Deliver final product, additional training if necessary, and develop a roadmap for Power BI next steps.

Project Outline & Objectives:

  • Deliver Power BI dashboards and reports
  • Guide your team on Power BI development
  • Mentor analysts, power users, and SMEs on software
  • Limit to two data sources and 15 tables
  • Limit to two dashboards

“It’s, by far, the most widely-used service that we use inside the company other than Office 365 email. Everyone is using Power BI to run their businesses.”

James Phillips, Corporate VP & Power BI Head, Microsoft