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The experts at Stoneridge Software have worked with clients in many industries, but we have deep expertise and experience in Manufacturing, Distribution, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, as well as many sectors in the Professional Services industry.

Check out the industries below for additional details about how a Microsoft Dynamics solution and our expertise can help your business.


The key to manufacturing and distribution today is speed and agility.

The economy is increasingly global and competitive. Supply chain is becoming more demand driven and customer expectations are increasing. Manufacturers need to deliver great customer experiences, respond to markets, continue to gain operational efficiencies and adapt to changing regulations. Companies have increased pressure to deliver and streamline processes with their customers, suppliers and employees.

Stoneridge Software has deep and broad experience with clients in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Microsoft Dynamics has strong capabilities for the following manufacturers and works very well for mixed mode and multi-mode manufacturers.


From the cab of a combine to crop genetics and drones, the agricultural industry has seen tremendous advancements in technology in recent years. But, what about your backend software? It’s likely that the business application you’re running is more than 20 years old. Processes are manual and information access is limited and profitability is calculated on instinct and a spreadsheet. Sound familiar?


As a project-based firm, your business has complex needs

You have multiple concurrent projects, many locations and team members at various levels that all need access to the same critical information. With technology like Microsoft Dynamics 365, supporting processes and systems, your company can build the right foundation for collaboration and support for the ever-changing operational and market needs.

Never before has the idea of information being available anytime, anywhere been more real and achievable than now. What was once a concept that only worked in theory – access to data no matter where your people are, what device they are using, regardless of the phase of the project – is now a reality. We know that this is of vital importance to the success of your project-based business.

Professional Services

Project-based organizations like accounting firms, IT consulting companies, advertising and marketing agencies or anyone that bills for time and expenses have unique challenges. Operational success requires efficient time and expense collection, timely and accurate invoice preparation and effective project management. Stoneridge Software has helped create efficiencies within project based companies by leveraging the finance and project capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics. The Stoneridge Software team has worked with key Microsoft Dynamics customers in the professional services industry and assisted many organizations in achieving a rapid return on their investment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Nonprofits

Start your digital transformation today with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Nonprofits. Explore the value of a cloud-based solution to discover how you can drive your success with intentionally developed business applications for nonprofits. The Stoneridge Software team has worked with key Microsoft Dynamics customers in the nonprofit space and assisted many organizations in achieving greater operational efficiencies, team collaboration, and data insights.


Distributors need to respond more quickly and predict more accurately than ever before. Customer expectations are increasing and companies have increased pressure to deliver and streamline processes with their customers, suppliers, and employees. Dynamics 365 and the expert resources at Stoneridge Software can get you there. Identify market trends, gain visibility into your supply chain, control inventory, respond to demands, manage vendor relationships, and deliver great customer experiences.

Field Service

The benefits of Field Service Management software combat these common issues. Stoneridge Software works shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to identify the best Field Service Management solutions using Dynamics 365 and Microsoft technology to increase efficiency and change the way your team operates for the better.

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