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As a discrete manufacturer you care about delivering quality products on time. We care about helping you make that happen. Our team also knows the importance you place on quality customer service, while streamlining operations and maximizing revenue. It’s not an easy balancing act. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of experts passionate about the manufacturing industry and Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Our delivery team is well-versed in operations for both mixed mode and multi-mode manufacturing. Our clients include Configure-to-order, Assemble-to-order, Make-to-stock and Make-to-order manufacturing operations. No matter what your business challenges are, we’ve already seen it and we can help you solve it. Stoneridge Software works in lock-step with your team to discover and define what you want to get out of your business solution and then we work together to make it happen. The Stoneridge Proven Process is designed to involve your team from beginning to end in the successful deployment of your ERP or CRM system. And after you go-live? We’re still here. We place a priority on supporting you with the training, resources and community connections you need to maximize your investment.

Solution Map

In addition to core financials, Microsoft Dynamics for Discrete Manufacturing covers your industry specific needs.

Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing


Complex BOM Requirements • Multi-level Routes • Work Instructions for Production • Change Orders & Notices

Engineering is all about getting your bill of materials configured correctly and routes set up in the right order to set your jobs up for success from the start. Microsoft Dynamics and Stoneridge Software give you the ability to call an end product and have a plan in place including material needs and lead times on the sub-assemblies.


Planning & Purchasing

Lead Time Optimization • Material Requirements Planning • Return to Vendor Capabilities • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

In manufacturing, planning and purchasing is the core of every project. What is the production you need to do, and for that production what materials do you need? Stoneridge and Microsoft Dynamics can help give your team the confidence needed to plan accurately for every job. Integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into demand planning is becoming more mainstream. Could you be taking advantage of it?

Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing


Multiple Resource & Capability Management • Task & Material Registration • Subcontractor Visibility • Quality Management • Easy Integration Support

Ensure you have the relevant resources working on the on the tasks they are equipped for to get the job done right. Dynamics 365 gives you insight into your team, no matter if its capability tracking in-house or visibility into your subcontractors. If you have third party solutions you already love, the modern architecture of the Microsoft Dynamics product allows for easy integration and the expertise of the Stoneridge team can make it happen.

Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing

Management Insights

Power BI Dashboards • Planner Confidence & Visibility to Requirements/Lead Times • Variance Reporting

Trusting your purchase orders and production orders can greatly reduce your workload. But you need to have a system you can trust and confidence that it’s set up correctly. With Microsoft Dynamics implemented by the right team, you’ll have the visibility to view accurate information and make solid decisions based on those reports.

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“What I like best about Stoneridge Software is the high level of technical knowledge and the ability to handle mission-critical issues.”
Amy Axness, Controller, J & D Manufacturing

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“As a long-term client of Stoneridge Software I have always been impressed at the high levels of service provided by their team. Consultants and management are people of high integrity, skills and work ethic. They thrive in providing value, are humble and easy to work with and extremely committed to making sure we are successful.”
Sally Prinsen, Director of IT, Landscape Structures, Inc.

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“I have worked with many consultants with ERP application in my past work lives and I have been blown away with what Stoneridge provides in skill, knowledge, and professionalism.”
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“I’ve been extremely happy with the services provided by Stoneridge Software and would thoroughly recommend them for their high ongoing levels of customer service. Definitely the best in the industry!”
Mike Gretsch, IT Director, Hallmark Insights

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“Stoneridge is comprirsed of true product experts who not only know the solution but can effectively transfer their knowledge. Everone I have come into contact with at Stoneridge has been professional, resonsive, and personable.”
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