There’s never a “perfect time” to switch from an accounting system to a robust ERP system. But, if you wait too long  your business can spiral out of control pretty quickly. Don’t wait until your systems are crashing and your data is inaccurate! You can’t have a well-run business if you don’t know your numbers.

When is the right time to switch to a new ERP system?

That’s the question we’ve answered with this whitepaper, “15 Red Flags: Is Your Accounting System Hurting Your Business?” These 15 red flags are clear indicators that it’s time to start investigating alternatives. You’ll hear 15 stories from real-life companies in a variety of industries who were able to give their businesses a much-needed boost by implementing the right ERP solution.

See how your business compares. Do you have 1 flag or all 15? Download this whitepaper to find out.