Delivering Enterprise Project ERP Solutions to Project-Driven Industries

Adeaca Industry customers share several critically important common characteristics:

  1. Revenues primarily come from external customer contracts
  2. Successful contract deliveries are dependent upon extremely well-run operations
  3. Success requires superb visibility into the current state of delivery operations
  4. Early recognition of delivery risk and downturns in profitability can make or break the company.

Project Manufacturing and Engineering

Companies in the PME space face brutal competition and unbelievably tight profit margins.  The ability of these companies to survive and grow is directly related to the efficiently and profitably of their operations.  Delivering projects on time and within budget now requires a degree of surveillance and management far beyond what was considered normal even 10 years ago.  Read more about how Advanced Projects® PME can up your game and increase your odds of success.

To read more about how Advanced Projects® PME meet this challenge select your industry below:

  1. Research & Development
  2. Aerospace and Defense
  3. Renewable Energy
  4. Industrial Equipment & Commercial Machinery

Civil Engineering & Construction

Firms in the CEC space manage large, complex projects that are often heavily dependent on well-managed subcontracts. The harried delivery operations manager has to balance time, costs & budgets, materials, resources, deliverables and subcontracts within a complex delivery framework.  This requires a holistic and deeply embedded approach that not only supports the scheduling and materials but the financial elements including risk analytics to ensure success for each contracted effort.

To read more about how Advanced Projects® CEC pulls all the pieces together to drive success, read on.

  1. Engineering & Architectural Services
  2. Communication Infrastructure
  3. Oil & Gas
  4. Mining & Resource

Professional Services Organizations

Success for companies in the PSO space is driven heavily by the quality and availability of their resources.  Firms with sought-after subject matter expertise will be in high demand.  Your ability to maintain high resource utilization without compromising the quality of work, to leverage your best resources across multiple customer initiatives, perhaps even across company divisions and legal entities, will ultimately determine whether you will succeed and grow over the long-term.

Read more about how Advanced Projects® PSO can help you win in the highly competitive PSO space.

  1. Information Technology & Consulting Services
  2. Advertising, Marketing & PR Services
  3. Management Consulting Services