Dynamics AX Add-Ons

Have you ever wished you had a report for that? Your fairy godmother has arrived. The Stoneridge Software team has identified and created some commonly needed AX reports, tools and enhancements. These products are designed to make your life easier by providing greater efficiency and functionality in your use of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Check out these Dynamics AX add-on items (many of them for FREE) and download a tool to make your job easier!

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Label Finder By ID

Are you modifying SSRS reports in Dynamics AX? If so, you’re spending a lot of time looking up labels. This free tool retrieves label texts for you without having to wait for the label finder.


  • Xpo file containing SSIfindLabelTextbyld job
  • Info sheet
Budget import tool

Budget Import Tool

Are you looking for an easy way to import budgets from Excel into Dynamics AX? You’ve come to the right place. Download this free tool to make your account’s life a little bit easier.


  • Xpo file containing SSIImportBudget class
  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Screenshot
  • Info sheet

AX Tables & Descriptions Directory Report

Looking for a needle in a haystack? Perhaps you’re building an Atlas report or BI cubes? There are thousands of tables in AX. This informational report provides a list of all the tables in Dynamics AX and their descriptions. Give yourself a head start on each build with this free table listing report!


  • Xpo file containing SharedProject_SSITableListingReport
  • Screenshot
  • Info sheet

Print Management Tool

Have you ever sent an unintended email (or emails) when testing print management? Check out this free tool that lets you update all of your print management settings so you can specify the email address where you want your reports to go. No more apologizing for accidentally sent emails during your sales invoice test.


  • Xpo file containing:
    • Classes SSI_PrintManagementDataContract and SSIPrintManagementBatch
    • New action menu item SSI_PrintManagementTool
    • Change to SystemAdministration menu
  • Info sheet

Automated Build Script

No more staying up or staying late to watch and wait for your build to finish. The Stoneridge AX Automated Build Script allows you to run unattended builds from a TFS branch. Use of this tool saves time and money by freeing up resources to engage in other activities and eliminates working after hours. This automated build tool can be pre-scheduled, unmonitored and notifies you by email, of progress along the way.

The Stoneridge Automated Build Script is run via PowerShell on the server designated as the AX build server. Customers involved in multiple builds will quickly recoup the cost of this tool.

This tool accomplishes:

  • Launching AX and performing a TFS force sync against the models that you have checked into TFS
  • Running an X++ full compile
  • Running a database synchronize
  • Running a cil compile
  • Exporting modelstore to file
  • Full logging of actions and results
  • Ability to have progress reports emailed, including error notifications

Purchase Includes:

  • PowerShell file
  • Training manual
  • 2 hours of training
  • 4 hours of support
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Role mover

Role Mover

Have you ever needed to move security roles from one layer to another layer while users were assigned to those roles? If you have, you know that’s a tricky process.  If security roles are moved manually by deleting the role in the USR layer and then recreating it in the VAR layer, all of the users assigned to the role are no longer assigned to it. This is a problem if you are already live and have users active in a production environment. To avoid this problem, download the Role Mover tool to create the roles in the new layer and keep the user assignments to the role.


  • Xpo file containing a shared project called SSI_UpdateSecurityRoles that includes:
    • Table called SSI_SecurityRolesToUpdate
    • Job called SSI_UpdateSecurityRoleOldId
    • Job called SSI_UserSecurityRoleUpdate
  • Info sheet

Add-on products are subject to the Stoneridge Software License and Use Policy. Support is not provided for free add-on products. Paid support plans are available through Stoneridge Software.

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