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Association Transforms Marketing and Membership Management with Dynamics 365

A nationwide business association needed a solution to manage a variety of aspects related to their operations, including new member registration, data centralization, member communication, and more. Using the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement platform, a solution was crafted to fit their needs and manage their entire program.


The association marketing department’s goals were two-fold. First, they are responsible for attracting new members to the organization and getting them onboarded to start taking advantage of membership benefits. Secondly, they are responsible for ongoing communication with those members.

While many marketing departments rely on a variety of different siloed applications to manage their marketing activities, the team knew they needed a solution that consolidated all their efforts into one platform, making that information easier to track and manage long-term.

They implemented ClickDimensions, which fully integrates directly into Dynamics 365, adding new areas within the application, specific for marketing functions, such as marketing automation components. Using ClickDimensions, they built lead forms that could be embedded directly on their website and gathered information important to starting a membership application, for example, name, company, email address, and phone number. When a form was completed, that information was then automatically saved within D365 CE and entered into the sales process with the goal of converting that lead into a member of the association.

Once the membership team receives confirmation that a lead would like to officially become a member, they can automatically generate a membership agreement out of D365 CE that pulls in information from the online form and other data that was manually entered during the sales process. The agreement is then sent to the member via DocuSign in just a click of a button, eliminating any need to manually export or import information out of the system.

Once signed, the membership agreement is automatically tied back to the member’s account in D365 CE.

This seamless process eliminates the need for manual re-entry of data and ensures the process from the original contact form to opportunity, to membership agreement is seamless for both the member and the sales and marketing team at the membership organization.

The marketing team has also taken advantage of other facets of ClickDimensions that allows them to communicate with both prospective and current members using information directly from D365 CE. With the ability to create targeted marketing lists, they can tailor professional emails directly from the D365 solution to send to the appropriate audience. Additionally, ClickDimensions allows the marketing team to manage and track campaigns, event participation, and social posts all through the same platform.

Member Scorecard

Each year, the membership organization distributes scorecards to each member that highlights:

  • Compliance with membership requirements
  • Membership meetings attended
  • Number of annual conference attendees
  • Webinars attended
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Savings
  • Number of active users

Prior to implementing CE, compiling this data from 30+ different spreadsheets into reports for all their members would take months to prepare. Using CE, they can now compile that data in a click of a button using reporting options within the system. They can now easily generate membership data and participation and send it directly to each contact from within CE.


The membership organization struggled to pull data into cohesive reports and instead could only generate data with information from each of their separate entities – members, brokers, vendors, and partners. Using Power BI, they can now incorporate data from every entity into a variety of different reports and data segmentation based on region, size, membership level, customer service representative, and more. All of these dynamic graphs, charts, and reports live within the Dynamics system, giving users the information they are looking for within a single software solution.

Now they have the ability to make decisions based on real-time data and insights. A few of the ways they have used their data and Power BI reports is to understand:

  • The success of member organizations
  • The success of programming established to build the growth of membership
  • Annual revenue percentage increases
  • Membership growth
  • Membership revenue and income
  • Membership success by region

By using Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement integrated with ClickDimensions and Power BI, the membership organization is now able to better manage their programs and gain a deeper understanding of their membership base.

The final Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution included:

  • All-in-one integrated solution for member data and activities
  • Lead to opportunity management
  • Streamlined communication to members
  • Event participation management
  • Real-time visibility into membership data

Company Description

An association owned and governed by independent business retailers working together to leverage their presence in the Industry through shared resources, with a focus on operational improvement, marketing, and joint purchasing.

Software Solutions Used

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Microsoft Power BI


Business Challenges Addressed

  • Reduce time to results
  • Segment customer demographics
  • Model business for the future
  • Increase/maintain productivity
  • Healthy partner ecosystem

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