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Consolidation, Integration, and Modeling for the Future with E-Commerce

This project was all about determining a single version of the truth across a rapidly expanding company and its multiple company-owned and franchise-owned locations. With myriad moving parts and an explosive franchise operation, this project presented a unique set of issues – and led to a truly transformative e-commerce solution.

This client gained success and grew so rapidly that a very real issue emerged with stand-alone systems creating information blackouts for upper management. Management was unable to understand what worked and what was falling short and was generally flying blind when it came to actionable information.

What they needed was a cloud-based comprehensive solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, which consolidated sales data, coaching insights, product success (and failure) data, integrated CRM and ERP, and coordination with third party solutions.

With their new Dynamics 365 solution and the use of Power BI dashboards, company management now enjoys a line of sight into minute details, like the ability to analyze data specific to a single person, how much they spend in month one, month two, etc. They also have insight into the products and coaches that are promoting the highest success with weight loss. With this information, they are able to focus on higher success elements and expand the company even further.

Actionable information

  • Dynamics 365 was integrated with an employee coaching app, so information from all coaches is systematized and housed in one place
  • CRM (Dynamics 365 for Sales) licenses for coaches were the only ones needed, so because of the integration, they saved money not having to purchase additional licenses for Dynamics 365 for Operations.

Reliable sales data

  • Power BI for daily reports and sales analysis
  • Real-time information
  • Point of Sale purchases go directly into General Ledger

Integrated with third party solutions

  • Integrated Dynamics 365 to Point of Sale software
  • Shipments from third-party warehouse update into Dynamics 365 system

This was one of the first of it’s kind Dynamics 365 retail implementations. All 31 locations went live with a roll-out over one month, and there was no need for a phased approach. The implementation included leveraging the full capacity of Dynamics 365 retail, sales, member management, financials, and inventory.

Company Description

A company-owned and franchise-owned weight-loss plan created by researchers and physicians at one of the largest health systems in the U.S. Its weight loss program is customizable for each member, meaning certified coaches tailor the plan to fit individual needs.

Software Solutions Use

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Business Challenges Addressed

  • Reduce time to results
  • Increase or maintain productivity
  • Position the organization for growth

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