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Medical Equipment Company initiates changes to outperform competition, grow evolving business

This major medical equipment company was using multiple, disparate, inefficient systems for their business processes. The entire operation was routinely impacted by information breakdowns: Data was being lost, tracking was unpredictable at best, efficiencies were nominal, informed decisions were difficult, if not impossible, and there was no trust by users that they could access the information they needed to do their jobs well. And worse, their competition was taking the lead in their niche.

The leadership of this expanding organization determined that to encourage their growth potential and build a healthy, sustainable, competitive organization, they needed to initiate a wholesale change to all of their internal processes and the solutions that ran them.

The top priorities for decisionmakers were:

  1. Create efficiencies so that users can quickly access whatever information required to make informed decisions, and to differentiate their business from their competition. This required one, seamless system to tie together all of their business processes.
  2. Track costs for equipment through the entire life cycle of the equipment – from the sale of the item to the service history, to its retirement.
  3. Implement a solution configured to grow with the evolving business and adapt to new functionality as the business expands and matures.

The business decision makers and stakeholders knew that to meet the goal of a single, integrated system, they needed to designate one vendor to oversee all aspects of the project – Stoneridge Software. Stoneridge stepped in and ran the entire, multi-faceted project, bringing in consultants from ISVs to assist with their discrete integrated solutions as needed.

The solution implemented by Stoneridge is based on a platform of Microsoft Dynamics AX for the ERP solution, which includes several tailored modifications and the Service Management add-on, as well as integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The ISV service module is built directly on top of the Projects module in AX and provides the business the tools they need to compete, manage, and grow.

Stoneridge’s expert consultants guided this project from idea to implementation to maintenance. This was achieved not only by implementing the right software solutions but by activating Stoneridge’s deep expertise in business processes, providing maximum benefits inside a seamlessly integrated solution.

The final solution specifically addressed:

  • Eliminating dual/triple entry for multiple daily processes, resulting in better quality of data and more efficiency
  • Providing an immediate cost and revenue analysis for all equipment
  • Easily viewing information regarding a piece of equipment, including previous service calls, parts used, and upcoming preventative maintenance calls
  • Tracking inventory real time

The final result provides a seamless, integrated solution that leaves the old business challenges in the past and puts this business back on top with regard to their competition.


Company Description

Medical equipment distributor and service provider.

Software Solutions Use

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Business Challenges Addressed

  • Identify and restrain costs
  • Model the business for the future
  • Position the organization for growth

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Stoneridge Software is a unique Microsoft Gold Partner, with emphasis on partner. With specialties in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we focus on attracting the most knowledgeable experts in the field to our team, and prioritize delivering stellar solutions with maximum impact for your business. At Stoneridge, we are deeply committed to your results. Each engagement is met with a dedicated team, ready to provide thorough, tailored, and expert service. Based in Minnesota, we intentionally “step into your shoes,” wherever you are. We focus on what you care about, and develop trusting, long-term relationships with our clients.