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The Critical Role of Accurate Reporting and End-user Training

If your employees aren’t trained on your new solution they WILL make it up as they go. As brilliant as your team is, letting people find their own way can (and often will) lead to disastrous results.

This CRM solution had already been implemented ahead of the engagement of Stoneridge. Stoneridge’s role in this project was to clean up duplicate and confusing information processes and to train the employees on the best way to use the solution.

Stoneridge began to initially address one problem, but uncovered layers of multiple issues that had to be addressed. Reports were being compiled without an understanding of how they were being calculated and duplicate emails were being generated, causing confusion and inaccuracies in the reports. Finally, employees weren’t trained and were left to their own devices on how to use the new system. All of it added up to inefficiencies, bad information, and stressed out leadership and teams.

This project was all about optimizing the CRM solution for the company. Stoneridge analyzed all reports and rewrote them so they were accurate. Data imports were developed to make reporting reliable going forward. Teams were trained on the best way to use and leverage the power of the solution. And finally, recommendations for future modeling were developed, helping the leadership plan for future expansion and investments. In the end, the client now trusts the information they are using in reports and saving countless hours on data manipulation.

Issues addressed:

  • Reviewed all reports pulled from CRM
  • Audited Information included in reports
  • Documented of each report and information about the hard coded filters in each report pulled from CRM
  • Developed and re-wrote reports

Our deep expertise in CRM meant we were able to quickly understand how the system was being used and find the issues. The reporting expertise of the Stoneridge team allowed us to make updates and pull in valid data. And our continued focus on training was able to meet the learning needs of the end users.

Company Description

A cooperative serving government, educational and non-profit members.

Software Solutions Use

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Business Challenges Addressed

  • Reduce time to results
  • Increase or maintain productivity

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