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Upgrade from Dynamics NAV to D365 Business Central Advances Business Vision for North Carolina League of Municipalities (NCLM)

For over a century, the North Carolina League of Municipalities (NCLM) has represented the interests of towns and cities across the Tar Heel state. The organization serves as an advocate for residents of North Carolina by providing judicial counsel; insurance and risk management services; legal, financial, and operational consulting; and training events.

NCLM is led by an active, 35-member Board of Directors who uphold the league’s mission to protect local decision-making authority, better serve residents, and ultimately improve quality of life. The group “strives not only to serve an array of needs of member municipalities, but to bolster local leadership and empower North Carolina citizens.”

The League is guided by their commitment to craft effective solutions centered in inclusivity, collaboration, and responsiveness. NCLM works with large cities, small towns, and a vast spectrum of municipal visions and needs. To address its many functions, the League hosts frequent events and both in-personal and virtual training opportunities for its members.

Understandably, the sheer scope of NCLM’s responsibilities comes with operational challenges. Prior to teaming up with Stoneridge Software, the League primarily worked with a legacy version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Knowing it was time to embrace updated technology, their team sought an ERP solution that could harness the power of their existing system with a flexible, web-based, modern solution.

Stoneridge Software implemented and oversaw the League’s evolution from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central. This upgrade from NAV to Business Central worked as a springboard for NCLM to advance their business and move their vision forward. Features like AI coding and better integrations give the League the opportunity to add significant services to their ERP solution — and the possibilities truly are endless. Their organization will be able to add accounting services for towns and cities with which they frequently work, all of which will run through Business Central. NCLM’s team can incorporate additional add-ons/ISVs as they grow their solution offerings, and there is even the possibility of building a client portal to increase efficiencies. Other opportunities include adding the D365 Marketing module, Human Resources management, and much more.

Working together, Stoneridge Software and NCLM upgraded the League’s existing ERP system from NAV to Business Central, giving their users the comfort and familiarity of a Microsoft Dynamics solution but enhancing the power and possibilities of their technology. The resulting solution is an efficient, effective, and stable foundation that can be enhanced with add-ons and new features as the League continues to grow.

Company Description

The North Carolina League of Municipalities is a member-driven organization representing a diverse group of cities and towns of all sizes throughout the state. Through their collective efforts, League member cities and towns better serve their residents and improve quality of life. 

Software Solutions Used

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Challenges Addressed

  • Model your business for the future
  • Increase or maintain productivity
  • Position the organization for growth

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