Dynamics AX Health Check

Your Dynamics AX business management solution is a critical component of successfully managing your business. A Microsoft Dynamics AX Health Check will pro-actively identify potential application configuration and performance issues to help you achieve maximize uptime and performance for your system.

During your Health Check, one of Stoneridge Software’s Dynamics AX experts will review your infrastructure, hardware, and product configuration and provide you with an easy to read, detailed analysis of your overall system performance. Microsoft Dynamics AX application servers, as well as your Microsoft SQL Server database configuration, will be included in this review.

Why would your system need a Health Check?

The Dynamics AX Health Check will identify any risks related to the following core components of your implementation:

  • Application Object Servers (AOS)
  • Client Machines
  • Terminal Server
  • Database Servers
  • Batch Servers and Settings
  • SQL Reporting Services and Settings
  • Workflow
  • Resource Consumption
  • Application Object Table (AOT) Configuration
  • AX System Administration Settings
  • AX Organization Administration Settings
  • Operational Excellence

Health Check Scorecard

Findings from your Health Check will be presented to you in a report that will cite areas of the implementation where remediation is suggested to resolve an outstanding issue or an element of risk. This report will identify the issues in the following manner:

Green | Satisfactory

This component or configuration is running as expected.

Yellow | Concern

This component or configuration could use some adjustment, but is not at risk.

Red | Critical

This component or configuration has issues that are putting your implementation at risk.

Upon delivery of the report, a Health Check review meeting will be scheduled to further discuss the findings and recommendations related to your Health Check. During this meeting, you’ll receive guidance on the resolution of identified issues, whether you’ll be performing the work yourself or relying on the expertise of Stoneridge Software (additional engagement required). The average Stoneridge Software Health Check report is 100 pages of documentation.

Attain the Maximum Return on Your Microsoft Dynamics AX Investment

A Microsoft Dynamics AX Health Check completed by one of our Dynamics AX experts will help you:

  • Identify potential performance or operational risks to reduce the risk of lost productivity resulting from system down time
  • Extend the value of your Dynamics AX implementation by evaluating current business processes to identify areas for process improvements and increased productivity
  • Maximize system performance by identifying any configuration issues that may be slowing you down

Detailed Report

In addition to the scorecard/executive summary, we present a top issues and recommendations section which articulate the issue and the recommended resolution for that particular area.

Beyond that section, you’ll receive the collection of data that we used for analysis which provides you with documentation to better manage your system after the Health Check. That section also includes your most active tables and databases as well as information about how to move models between environments.

Summary of Benefits

The Stoneridge Software Health Check provides your organization with a focused review of your implementation to identify risk areas and remediation steps you can use to make sure your Dynamics AX platform will support your business.

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