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Red Flag Mania™ trains organizations to turn an investigative eye to financial crime.

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Could your organization be faced with workplace crime? You know these people. You trust them. You like them. They’re long time employees and leaders who impact your bottom line. From big bosses to clerks, every employee is capable, and every organization is susceptible to fraud.

Are you and your team ready to investigate?

Workplace fraud costs businesses billions of dollars every year. It can rip through a firm’s finances and destabilize a business. Few employees are prepared to look at workplace fraud through a critical lens. Red Flag Mania encourages learners to turn an investigative eye to fraud by utilizing true crime as the base to develop professional skepticism and critical thinking skills.

During this hands-on workshop you’ll learn:

Fraud spotting techniques

Various fraud schemes

Improved understanding of internal controls and policies

Financial controls and fraud prevention tips

How to apply best practices to your Dynamics solution

About the Speaker

Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope

Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope is an Associate Professor in the School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois where she teaches financial, managerial and forensic accounting. Pope’s research on organizational misconduct culminated into directing and producing the award-winning documentary, All the Queen’s Horses, in 2017 which streamed on Netflix from July 2018-2019.  In 2018, Pope became a TED speaker with her impactful and timely TED Talk entitled ‘How whistle-blowers shape history.’

Her research has been published in the Behavioral Research in Accounting, Auditing: A Journal of Theory & Practice, Journal of Business Ethics, The CPA Journal and WebCPA.

She holds a Ph.D. in accounting from Virginia Tech and is a licensed CPA.