Manufacturer of Compression Equipment Overcomes Manual Work Challenges, Enhances Productivity with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Engine Manufacturing Field Service

Stoneridge Software partnered with a leading provider of engine and compressor parts, field services, and shop repairs to face operational challenges in work order management, asset management, resource and scheduling management, time entries, and expense management. The absence of integration across major systems led to manual and duplicated efforts by technicians and administrators. Recognizing the need for a streamlined solution, we sought an integrated approach to enhance efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Field Service Recommended to Address Business Challenges:

In response to the identified challenges, Stoneridge Software implemented an integrated Dynamics 365 Field Service solution tailored to meet specific needs. This comprehensive solution addressed the following key areas:


The approach included seamless integrations between Dynamics 365 Field Service and essential business systems:

  • Dynamics 365 Field Service to ERP System (SAP): This integration facilitated the smooth invoicing of completed Work Orders directly from the Field Service platform, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors.
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service to Expense Management System (Ramp): This integration added the ability to efficiently manage expenses associated with Work Orders through integration, enhancing accuracy and transparency in financial transactions.
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service to Payroll Management System (Ceridian): Time entries logged against Work Orders in Field Service seamlessly integrated with the payroll management system, streamlining payroll processing and ensuring timely and accurate compensation for technicians.

By addressing manual and duplicated work and integrating major systems, our Dynamics 365 Field Service solution provided a powerful toolset to enhance operational efficiency and drive business growth. The implementation also included mobile capabilities for technicians, enabling them to access critical information on the go.

Work Order Management

  • Provides increased visibility into work order details and progress for administrators and technicians in one location
  • Facilitate capturing job-related details and site-specific training/safety needs
  • Budget management for jobs via the Not To Exceed feature for work orders
  • Signature capture for completed work orders
  • Integration of completed work orders from field service to SAP for invoicing

Resource and Scheduling Management

  • Track skills and certificates for Bookable Resources in Field Service
  • Utilize Skills/Certificates and Resource categories to identify and dispatch the right resources for work orders easily
  • Manage external technicians and equipment as part of the Resource pool
  • Scheduling resources for single and multi-day jobs
  • Provide visibility of resource availability to crew chiefs
  • Automated the creation of bookings for technicians via Power Automate
  • Provide visibility for technicians’ PTO on the schedule board via Ceridian integration (Payroll System), PTOs are created as bookings and displayed on the schedule board

Time Entry

  • Enhanced the out-of-the-box time entry capabilities in Field Service
  • Automated the creation of time entry records for technicians via Power Automate
  • Automated push notification reminders for technicians for unsubmitted time daily
  • Integrated time entries from Field Service to the payroll system to facilitate payroll processing

Expense Management

  • Utilize Field Service as a single point of entry for expenses
  • Integrated Field Service to the expense management system
  • Created Custom Expense Splitting functionality to provide the ability for technicians to split expenses between work orders when applicable via Power FX and a Custom Page

Mobile Capabilities

  • Utilize the offline capabilities of the Field Service mobile app
  • Provide technicians with the ability to enter and adjust time entries for work orders
  • Provides technicians with access to their assigned jobs for the day

Asset Management

  • Provides visibility for administrators and technicians into the service history of customer assets


  • Created a Power BI Dashboard to display time and expenses for work orders
  • Created a custom SSRS report to aggregate time entries, expenses, and receipts for work orders

Transforming Data Entry and Integration for Operational Harmony

Since implementing the integrated Dynamics 365 Field Service solution, this manufacturing expert has experienced immediate and transformative results. The key outcomes include:

  • Streamlined Data Entry: Administrators and technicians now input information into a single system, eliminating manual and duplicated work. Integrations seamlessly transfer necessary data from Field Service to other systems, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Mobile Accessibility for Technicians: Technicians now have convenient access to their assigned jobs through the mobile app, whether online or offline. This mobile capability empowers them to stay connected and productive in the field.
  • Effortless Reporting: Time entries, expenses, and receipts associated with Work Orders are effortlessly aggregated through a custom SSRS report. This one-click reporting system simplifies financial tracking and enhances transparency.
  • Enhanced Scheduling Efficiency: Crew chiefs and administrators now benefit from insights into technicians’ skills, certificates, and availability via the Schedule board. Matching technicians with the right skills and certificates for a job is now a streamlined and simplified process, optimizing resource allocation.

The Dynamics 365 Field Service solution has enabled operational excellence, enhanced communication, and created a more effective and flexible workflow throughout the organization. The quick and concrete results highlight the success of this strategic initiative, preparing our partner for ongoing growth and success in their industry.

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