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Manufacturers of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food products face many unique challenges. In addition to customer demands for fast deliveries and lower costs, your company has added pressure for quality control and compliance. We know the importance you place on a quality product and customer service while streamlining operations and maximizing revenue. It’s a lot to manage, but with the right technology and the right people, it’s possible. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of experts passionate about the batch manufacturing process and Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

With Dynamics 365 and trusted partnerships, we provide the ideal end-to-end solution to handle the requirements of your day-to-day operation: financials, business intelligence, lot management, recipe management, research and development, quality control, validation, warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution.

Stoneridge Software works in lock-step with your team to discover and define what you want to get out of your business solution and then we work together to make it happen. The Stoneridge Client Journey is designed to involve your team from beginning to end in the successful deployment of your system. And after you go-live? We’re still here. We place a priority on supporting you with the training, resources, and community connections you need to maximize your investment.

Solution Map

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Batch Manufacturing handles all your core financials plus these industry-specific needs:

icon lot management

Lot Management

  • Lot attributes
  • Lot tracing
  • Product labels
  • Restrictions
  • Expiration
  • Quality

Quality Assurance

  • Inspection plans
  • Inspection orders
  • Sample management
  • Equipment testing
  • Delivery rating
  • Stability tests


  • Electronic signatures
  • Audit trails
  • Security
  • Validation
Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing


  • Recipe management
  • Manufacturing specifications
  • Returnable container management
  • Hazardous substance management
  • Decanting
  • Warehouse management
  • MRP & CRP

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Business Central for Batch Manufacturing: Research and Development

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Business Central for Batch Manufacturing: Vendor Rating

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Business Central for Batch Manufacturing: Production and Purchase Planning

Business Central for Batch Manufacturing: Manufacturing Execution

Business Central for Batch Manufacturing: Items, Formulas, Recipes, and BOMs

Business Central for Batch Manufacturing: Company Setup and Financial Configurations

“High Level of Technical Knowledge”

“What I like best about Stoneridge Software is the high level of technical knowledge and the ability to handle mission-critical issues.”
Amy Axness, Controller, J & D Manufacturing

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