Common AI Models Used in Manufacturing: Which One is Right For You?

By Scott Frappier | October 17, 2023

Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days and the tantalizing promises of automation, increased efficiency and ease. But before you jump on the “AI Bandwagon” it is important to understand that right now the AI solutions available do not tackle everything. It is critical to understand the different types of AI technology, the intended output and if they can meet your business process needs as a manufacturer.

1) Computer Vision Model

A computer vision model is an AI system designed to interpret and analyze visual information, such as images and videos, with the ability to recognize objects, patterns, and anomalies.

Practical Application

A computer vision model can be used to monitor a production line by continuously capturing images of identically intended products as they go through the manufacturing process. These images are then compared to a dataset of trained images to detect any quality defects or irregularities. If detected, it could then send an alert to inform people in production that they have some type of quality issue they need to address.

2) Time Series Regression Model

The time series regression model will help predict what your customers will want in the future based on what they have ordered in the past. It can analyze historical customer order data and predict future demand accurately, by applying algorithms like Auto Regression Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA), aiding manufacturers in optimizing production schedules to meet customer demand. This learning AI model is also supported by the Dynamics 365 Business Central solution.

Practical Application

In the context of manufacturing, consider your need to forecast customer demand. This model delves into your archive of past customer orders, applies sophisticated algorithms and equips you with invaluable insights into future demand patterns. You can then optimize your production schedules, better ensuring that you meet customer requirements without overproduction or shortages.

3) Large Language Processing Model

Large Language Procession models or Natural Language Processing (NLP) models, such as GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, are sophisticated AI systems that can understand, generate, and manipulate human language text. They are capable of performing a wide range of language-related tasks and allow you to leverage some of the extra Microsoft capabilities to make is easier for you to tell a machine how you want it to accomplish a task.

Practical Application

In manufacturing, you may want to create a Power Automate notification when there is a problem with product quality. In the past, you had to manually go into Power Automate and go through a variety of technical steps to make this happen. But, with the use of large language processing models, you could simply tell the computer what you want it to do, and it will set up the Power Automate process for you. This makes it much easier for manufacturers to create alerts and simplify data management in their workspace, without the need for extensive coding or manual steps.

To learn more about these AI models and manufacturing, be sure to check out this playlist on the Stoneridge Software YouTube channel.

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