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As a remanufacturer you need inventory visibility. Bottom line. If you don’t have a trusted line of sight into your inventory and its condition – it literally affects your profits. At Stoneridge Software we’re well aware of the unique needs of your industry, such as data visualization, product variation and the high-level of importance you place on customer service. Microsoft Dynamics accounting and operations software is well-suited to the needs remanufacturers and there’s no one better than the experts on our team to deploy it. But, we also know that no one knows your company better than you. That’s why our consultants work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team throughout the design and implementation process. Your team is involved in the creation and configuration of the system from the beginning. As part of the Stoneridge Proven Process, key users are introduced to the solution along the way to gain an understanding of how it fits together with your business processes. This ultimately creates the best solution to fit your company and ensures better adoption across the organization. Our approach also recognizes that you’ll need access to support, resources and a connected community well-beyond your go-live date. And nobody does that better than Stoneridge Software. We’re proud to support clients who are saving energy, eliminating waste and protecting the environment through remanufactured products.

Solution Map

In addition to core financials, Microsoft Dynamics for Remanufacturing covers your industry specific needs.

Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing

Order Processing

Core Pricing & Discounting • Quick Data Entry • Real-time Inventory • Condition Rating | RMA Processing

Inventory is a critical component of remanufacturing. You need to be able to quickly track what you have available and the condition it’s in against the sales orders coming in. With Microsoft Dynamics this is not only possible, but it can be done quickly with real-time information available for each necessary role on your team.


Core Tracking

Serialization • Return to Order Binding • Quality Testing

For core tracking, you be able to view what cores have been returned so that those discounts that you may have applied to a customer can actually be posted to your accounts receivable. You’ll also have insight into the amount of inventory, the quantity of inventory that you have on hand in order to be able to then sell that product.

Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing


Reverse Bill of Materials • Job Time Entry • Core Consumption • Material Application

In Microsoft Dynamics you’ll be able to accurately set up a reverse BOM to reverse assemble the product to its original bill of materials, track how long it takes to complete the job and how much material it took to get it done.


Warranty & Service

Warranty Processing • Warranty Repair • Warranty Status • Fault/Symptom/Resolution Reporting

In order to trust a remanufactured product you must have in place a solid warranty and service process and the right tools to track it. With Microsoft Dynamics and Stoneridge Software you ‘ll be able to core returns or products flagged for returns through warranty claims.

Microsoft dynamics for medical device manufacturing

Management Insights

Core History • Power BI Dashboards • Historical Data Retention

Surfacing the necessary data in order for to make informed decisions is key. You’ll be able to see the information you need in order to react or change course and make your operations run efficiently from sales to manufacturing to warranty, giving your clients the best experience.

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