Why You Should Partner with a Cloud Solution Provider to Manage Your Microsoft Licenses

By Ridhwaan Unia | June 3, 2024

Partnering with a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) to manage your Microsoft licenses is vital in giving you and your team peace of mind.

Managing multiple Microsoft licenses can be an extremely complex undertaking for organizations that already have many moving parts. Cloud Solution Providers like Stoneridge Software will handle licensing from start to finish, providing:

  • License guidance
  • Purchasing
  • Quoting and invoicing
  • Compliance and updates
  • Security and Identity and Access management
  • And more

What is a Cloud Solution Provider?

Cloud Solution Providers – or CSPs – are Microsoft partners that sell Microsoft Cloud Services like Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solutions, and Microsoft Azure.

Stoneridge Software is part of Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider program and is a direct partner. This means you deal directly with Stoneridge and don't need to involve a third-party organization.

Why Work with a Cloud Solution Provider for Microsoft Licensing?

Software licensing is complicated and Microsoft frequently changes licensing structures and prices. Working with a CSP like Stoneridge means you will be working with experts who are knowledgeable about Microsoft licensing and understand your business needs.

Additionally, you can use end-to-end services and consolidate your licensing to ensure efficient management from a central location. Stoneridge's licensing experts have over 20 years of experience and can help you set this up.

The Pitfalls of Not Working with a Cloud Solution Provider

Not working with a partner like Stoneridge can result in noncompliance with Microsoft, spending hours researching licenses, or paying more than needed. Additionally, your license structure could be hard to follow. For example, employees in finance, marketing, sales, and IT will all have different licensing requirements. Having a centralized and easy-to-follow structure setup helps you manage this more efficiently.

Ensuring your licensing information is in one location and easily digestible is important for making informed decisions. This helps you make more informed decisions on renewals, price increases, and the number or types of licenses you need.

How Stoneridge Can Help You Maximize Licensing Efficiency

Having the Stoneridge team of licensing experts in your corner gives you access to several positive benefits, including:

  • Experienced in-house specialists with years of licensing experience
  • License management
  • Renewal assistance
  • Exclusive promotional deals
  • Competitive rates
  • And more

Stoneridge will also provide you with a free licensing evaluation, where you will receive free licensing tips, a compliance check, personalized suggestions on license efficiency, and cost savings/optimization.

If you work with Stoneridge, you can continue to use your own Microsoft Tenant. During the onboarding process, we will just ask you to accept a link that will adopt Stoneridge as a partner in your current tenant. Additionally, you can transfer from another Microsoft CSP to Stoneridge.

Want to Learn More About Working with a Cloud Solution Provider?

Reach out to Stoneridge! We hope this blog has given you insight into how we can optimize your license management processes and continue to maintain that efficiency in the future.

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