How to Prepare for the Dynamics 365 License Price Increase In October 2024

By Ridhwaan Unia | June 21, 2024

D365 License Price Increase What You Need to Know (1)

Microsoft has recently announced a Dynamics 365 price increase that is set to come into effect in October 2024.

Dynamics 365 base license pricing will increase. This includes both the Software as a Service (SaaS) and Dynamics 365 on-premises solutions. However, it's important to note that Dynamics 365 Business Central prices will remain unchanged.

Here is a summary of the price increases:

Product Price before Oct. 1, 2024 Price after Oct. 1, 2024 Percentage increase
Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise $95 $105 10%
Dynamics 365 Sales Device $145 $160 9%
Dynamics 365 Sales Premium $135 $150 10%
Microsoft Relationship Sales $162 $177 8%
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise $95 $105 10%
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Device $145 $160 9%
Dynamics 365 Field Service $95 $105 10%
Dynamics 365 Field Service Device $145 $160 9%
Dynamics 365 Finance $180 $210 14%
Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management $180 $210 14%
Dynamics 365 Commerce $180 $210 14%
Dynamics 365 Human Resources $120 $135 11%
Dynamics 365 Project Operations $120 $135 11%
Dynamics 365 Operations - Device $75 $85 12%

Tips for Saving Money on Licensing Costs Amid the Dynamics 365 Price Increase

Even though prices are increasing, there are still ways you can save some money for your organization:

  1. Reduce shelfware: Remove unassigned licenses and only pay for what you need.
  2. Use promotions – Before October 01, 2024, take advantage of the Bridge to the Cloud 2 promotion, get 40% off the list price. You are guaranteed that price for 3 years.
  3. Plan ahead– Understand your licensing commitment terms and plan to purchase licenses before October 01, 2024; even if it is just 1, you will be price-locked for the duration of the commitment term.
  4. Research your licensing options – Dynamics 365 licensing can be complex. Learning how to take advantage of promotions or how the base/attach model works. Also, be sure users don't have 2 base licenses if they don't need them.
  5. Align your New commerce experience dates – Aligning your dates allows you to plan and budget a lot easier, and you can work with our team on an annual basis to determine if any adjustments are required
  6. Save on non-Dynamics 365 Licensing – View licensing holistically and look for savings across all your Microsoft licensing
  7. Consolidate to a single partner – Manage and view all of your licenses in one place. Consolidate with Stoneridge, so we can see all your licensing holistically and see if we can unlock even more savings or reduce redundancy in licensing
  8. Licensing partnership -Work with a trusted partner to review your licensing and see how they can help.

Work with a Trusted Partner: The Stoneridge Licensing Assessment

Working through the list above by yourself is a tall mountain to climb. Working with a certified licensing partner like Stoneridge Software can help you plan for increases. We will conduct a holistic licensing assessment and can help you identify areas where you can save money.

Let's walk through these steps again and highlight how Stoneridge can help:

Reduce shelfware

As part of the licensing assessment, Stoneridge will look for unassigned licenses and help you remove them. This ensures you don't pay for licensing that you aren't using.

Use promotions

Stoneridge is a certified Microsoft partner, meaning we can help you use promotions to save on licensing costs. We also have a Dynamics 365 team that can help you take advantage of the Bridge to the Cloud 2 promotion mentioned above if you are considering upgrading.

Plan ahead

Stoneridge licensing experts can help you map your commitment terms and ensure your licenses are updated before this increase.

Research your licensing options

Stoneridge makes this phase easier by showing you your options as part of the assessment. This ensures you have an understanding of how your licensing model works.

Align your important licensing dates

We will look at your current licensing setup and make sure your dates come up at the same time so you can budget properly.

Save on non-Dynamics 365 licensing

Stoneridge doesn't just handle Dynamics 365 licensing. We can also analyze and consolidate your other licensing (Microsoft 365, Azure, etc.) for other solutions and look for areas of improvement.

Consolidate to a single partner

Consolidate with Stoneridge, so we can see all your licensing holistically and see if we can unlock even more savings or reduce redundancy in licensing

Licensing partnership

Typically, Stoneridge’s licensing team can find up to 20-30% savings in your overall licensing, which would help offset the costs.

Want to Learn More About Streamlining Your License Management?

Get in touch with our licensing experts! We will conduct an assessment of your current licensing structure and find ways to optimize it and reduce stress on you and your team.

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