10 Exciting New Features in the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement 2024 Release Wave 1

By Jesse Bucholz | March 6, 2024

2024 Wave 1 Release Customer Engagement

Microsoft is bringing you many excellent features and updates in the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement 2024 Release Wave 1.

Engaging your customers in a way that makes them happy and satisfied with your service is one of the most important things successful businesses do to ensure they continue to evolve and grow. In this blog, we will feature some highlights from the 2024 Release Wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and the solutions it houses, including:

Here are 10 new functionalities that will help your sales, service, and marketing teams work faster and more efficiently:

Understand Your Customers Better in Dynamics 365 Sales

Upgrades to Dynamics 365 Sales in this release wave will help your team focus on creating positive engagements by giving them quick and easy access to all the tools and data they need. Here are some of the main new features:

Integrate Copilot for Sales with Copilot in Word

This feature integrates Copilot for Sales insights into the meeting preparation process by automatically generating comprehensive documents in Microsoft Word. These documents include sections for:

  • Participant and stakeholder details
  • Opportunity summaries
  • Relevant email summaries
  • Previous meeting summaries
  • Open tasks and open cases

By providing quick access to essential information, this integration enhances productivity, improves customer interactions, and contributes to better sales outcomes. To utilize this capability, ensure Copilot for Sales is enabled in your environment, and a Microsoft 365 license is available.

Get Real-Time Insights with Copilot on the Home Page

The upcoming enhancements in Dynamics 365 Sales aim to supercharge sales productivity with integrated data, enrichment, workflows, insights, and cutting-edge AI capabilities. From Copilot email assistance to improved customer engagement, plan your sales strategy with the help of new tools and experiences. Keep an eye out for the refreshed styling and customizable lead qualification processes.

While timelines may shift, this sneak peek promises a wave of innovation to enhance your Dynamics 365 experience.

Guide Sellers to Work Simultaneously Using Multiple Sequences

Empower collaborative selling by assigning different sequences to multiple sellers simultaneously for a single record in Dynamics 365. This enhancement allows sellers to work together efficiently, each following their specific set of actions.

As a sales manager or part of the operations team, you can:

  • Oversee the coordinated efforts of your team
  • View team members using sequences
  • Attach additional sequences to records
  • Access detailed information on completed and upcoming activities within each sequence

This feature enhances team collaboration and streamlines the selling process in Dynamics 365.

Enhance Your Marketing with New Features in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys

In this release wave, several new functionalities can help your marketing team streamline the creation of personalized and engaging marketing materials to attract new customers. Here are a few we’ve highlighted for this wave:

Reach Your Customer at the Right Moment with Send Scheduling

Sending messages at optimal times enhances customer engagement and boosts conversion rates, resulting in increased revenue. The real-time send scheduling feature allows messages to be strategically delivered during specific time windows or days, aligning with customer habits and preferences. Additionally, the tool ensures messages are sent when your business is prepared to respond, considering factors like call center hours and sales representative availability.

This feature allows you to add specific send windows within journeys, holding messages until the next applicable time window while respecting quiet times and frequency caps.

Boost Customer Confidence with Branded Links for Email and Content

Customizing links with your company name enhances trust, brand recognition, and campaign performance by avoiding unprofessional-looking and suspicious autogenerated URLs. With the vanity link feature, you can easily set up custom links during domain authentication using step-by-step guidance from Copilot. Authenticated vanity domains can then be used to display URLs in emails and host various digital assets, forms, event registration pages, and preference centers.

Create Better Customer Experiences in Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Microsoft is announcing some new key features for Dynamics 365 Customer Service to further empower your customer service team. The platform’s omnichannel capabilities will provide your customers and workers with a streamlined and comprehensive experience.

Improve Productivity by Converting Voicemail to Case

Agents can now efficiently convert voicemails into cases, expediting the triage process for addressing issues communicated through voice messages. This feature enhances the integration of the voice channel with case management, allowing agents to convert voicemails to cases with a simple click in their inbox. The streamlined process ensures faster resolution of customer issues.

Forecast Case Volumes Daily and at 15-minute Intervals

Optimizing customer service operations is crucial for managers, who must balance agent capacity to avoid excess costs or prolonged customer wait times. The enhanced case volume forecasting feature now allows for more precise planning, offering 15-minute interval forecasts in addition to daily predictions.

This enables managers to schedule agents with greater accuracy, ensuring efficient resource allocation and improved customer satisfaction.

Streamline the Service Process with New Functionalities in Dynamics 365 For Field Service

Updates in Dynamics 365 for Field Service are focused on modernizing experiences and enhancing them with new tools to improve operations management. Here are some highlights:

New and more intuitive user experience for Field Service Mobile

Ensuring a high first-time fix rate for service technicians is crucial for efficiency and customer satisfaction in service-based organizations.

The introduction of a modern mobile app facilitates the digitization of frontline worker workflows, completing the digital feedback loop. The app provides an intuitive user experience, allowing technicians to:

  • Access critical job information
  • Change booking status with swipe gestures
  • Efficiently perform tasks, reducing clicks and optimizing focus on the job at hand

The native mobile user experience features a refreshed design, large touch targets, simplified booking lists, embedded guides, and easy access to customized interfaces, enhancing overall usability and productivity for service technicians.

Improve Usability and Performance of the Schedule Board

By enhancing usability and performance, the updated schedule board empowers technicians and dispatchers to efficiently manage schedules, fostering increased productivity and higher employee satisfaction.

The improved schedule board architecture offers a more responsive and intuitive user interface, ensuring a satisfying experience for both technicians and dispatchers. Notably, an efficient diffing algorithm and a virtual Document Object Model (DOM) contribute to faster load times and instantaneous reactions to user interactions, even during peak usage. Furthermore, the updated architecture is future-proof, aligning with the latest web technology advancements for improved maintenance and upgradability.

Integrate Field Service with Dynamics 365 Business Central

The release wave introduces an integration between Field Service and Business Central that allows users to effortlessly manage work orders in Field Service, tracking task progress, assigning resources, and capturing consumption details. Upon completion, data smoothly transfers to Business Central, facilitating invoicing and fulfillment. This unified workflow eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors, and provides a comprehensive view of service operations and financials, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

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