2016 Spark Your Startup Business Pitch Finalists Announced, Voting begins

By Leah Baker | September 28, 2016

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Finalists have been announced in the third annual 'Spark Your Startup' Barnesville Business Pitch Contest! Moving on to the final round are: Spinthesis, Dynamic Biological Systems, OpGo Marketing, Advanced Bone Technology and SocED. At 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 6, these business startups will make their pitch in front of a panel of judges and contest sponsors from Stoneridge Software, Dean's Bulk Service and Crown Appraisals. Each startup has five minutes to make their pitch, and judges will have four minutes to ask questions, then score each entrant. Presentations will be evaluated and cash prizes up to $1,000, along with mentoring hours will be awarded. Presentations will take place in the council chambers of Old City Hall in Barnesville, Minn. The public can help their favorite entry win a cash prize by voting online for a People's Choice Award! Voting is available through the Stoneridge Software Facebook page. Individuals are allowed to vote once per day through Thursday, Oct. 6.

2016 'Spark Your Startup' Barnesville Business Pitch Finalists

spinthesis-logo-final-rendition_black-backgroundSpinthesis currently focuses on the creation of a spider silk-based intelligent compression bandage. Primarily aimed at diabetics with swelling limbs, comprised wound healing and dry skin, Spinthesis’ compression bandage adjusts to the amount of compression needed based on posture and activity. In order to modify spider silk's natural property of super-contraction to be triggered by a rise in temperature caused by swelling, the silk protein is composited with metallic nanoparticles. With this, a bandage can be “programmed” to loosen just enough to avoid cutting off blood flow while maintaining compression. When the swelling goes down, the limb’s temperature is lowered too, triggering the bandage to tighten up again. The natural silk extension and contraction cycle has been proven to occur up to 12 times without loss of elasticity, reducing the frequency with which such a bandage has to be changed to less than once a day. As spider silk is naturally lightweight and the particles antimicrobial, the bandage also allows for proper wound care without the need for an additional gauze layer. Spinthesis bandages will save time for patient and health care workers, reduce waste due to their biodegradability, and significantly improve quality of life for the patients.

dbslogo-01DBS is creating a perfusion cell culture bioreactor that can be used in the early stages of drug development. DBS is an improvement on the field of perfusion cell culture in that our device takes perfusion culture to a new level and truly attempts to replicate the human body growth conditions. We look beyond just fluid flow and add numerous features such as live pH, dissolved oxygen, and drug integration monitoring and controlling options. There are similar devices on the market that attempt to accomplish the same tasks as DBS. DBS is different in that we are providing the researcher with an all-in-one system that gives them the ability to control pH, dissolved oxygen, temp., and flow rate with an easy to use user interface. Many other systems are bulky and hard to use.


opgo_logo-pngOpGo Marketing is a performance technology solution that makes analysis easy and allows business owners to make marketing decisions with confidence. Users can see both marketing and sales performance monthly in one easy to consume report. OpGo is designed to show performance so businesses can focus on what’s working. The package includes assessment, strategy, and performance tracking with 100% transparency in how it's done. No large "hook-up" fees or long term commitments.


adanvcedboneAdvanced Bone Technology (ABT) delivers highly accurate bone surrogates to researchers, product developers, and practitioners for use in the design of new medical devices and procedures without safety, economic, or ethical concerns. ABT calls their current product 'Simubone.' ABT develops artificial bone that mimics human bone in extreme detail in both shape and properties. In the short term it may be used as a training or testing/practice device, and in the long term, ABT plans to develop the concept into an implantable device.

socedSocED is an advanced learning management system that creates the bridge that critically divides meaningful communication between students and educators. The idea is based on requests from students and teachers with a demand to revolutionize the education system and getting education caught up to our fast paced technological economy. When you first log in to the application will feature a way to understand just how an individual student learning style is, this will be done by a quiz that will test out if a student is a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner. The SocED application will then adapt to the student’s style of learning. The key to SOCED’S Success is the ability to individualize education for a particular student, while making it a one stop shop for everything education, encourage collaboration with people all over the world using controlled social media methods, informing students about the latest news , career interests, and college research.

The 2016 Spark Your Startup Business Pitch competition is sponsored by Stoneridge Software, Dean's Bulk Service, Crown Appraisals, Protosthetics, the Barnesville Economic Development Authority and the Greater Fargo-Moorhead Economic Development Corporation. Find out more information on the contest entry guidelines and rules.

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