5 Reliable Steps to Implement Dynamics 365 Business Central QuickStart

By Natalie Lemke | July 26, 2018

As someone who is extremely passionate about helping growth-minded businesses, I'd like to share details about the time-saving package we've put together to assist your business in implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Five reliable steps to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central have been created and tested for our QuickStart service. Read on, or watch the video to learn more. You can get even more information by viewing my pre-recorded webinar here!

Step 1: Configure the environment

The first step in the QuickStart implementation is to configure the environment. When we configure the Business Central environment, we are setting up the platform where we load your data, create your customers, create your vendors, create your items, and all other transactions that relate to running a business.

Step 2:  Train subject matter experts & end users

The second step in the process is to train the subject matter experts (SMEs)and the end users on the application. This serves two purposes: the first is to start getting users comfortable with the application; the second is to allow them to leverage the work that was done during the configuration phase to get them ready to actually start leveraging the application and production. When provide training, our focus is on information retention and making sure that those users have a clear understanding of the application.

Step 3: Load data

So the third step in the process is to load data via configuration packages. Stoneridge Software experts sit down with subject matter experts to review customers, vendors, items, and other historical financial records that need to be pulled forward into Dynamics Business Central. By sitting down together, we create a plan for the data that's going to be migrated and then build configuration packages that we leverage to import those historical records.

Step 4: Power BI Workshop

The fourth step in the QuickStart implementation is a Power BI workshop. During that workshop, we provide training and side-by-side assistance to build your very first Power BI dashboard. Power BI is a tool that's able to join data from Business Central and other data sources to create a key performance indicators (KPI) dashboard for your business. During this process, you are determining what information is most important and what measures show success in your business. We're facilitating the training and use of the tool to ensure that you're able to create your very first dashboard to show where your business is being successful and where there might be opportunities for improvement.

Step 5: Go-Live

As we get ready for the last step, which is go-live, there is a go or no-go decision where we sit down as a project team and evaluate readiness both for your team, as well as how the Stoneridge consultants are feeling about the preparedness of the team to go-live and then a go-live date is set. Following go-live, Stoneridge is dedicated to your account for 24 to 48 hours or longer if needed to ensure that go-live is successful and any issues that end users might encounter are resolved as fast as possible.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central QuickStart package is a great way to get a scalable ERP system up and running quickly. From here you can add more functionality as your business grows and changes. The Quick Start is just the beginning of how Stoneridge Software can help you. We take great pride in making sure our clients get the highest return on your business technology investment.

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