Discovering the Most Critical Insights for Medical Manufacturers Needs with Integrated Technology

By Scott Frappier | May 21, 2019

As a key decision maker in your organization, one of your many jobs is to stay up to date on incredibly fast-moving technologies available for your medical device business. Regardless of how “technical” you are, that’s a big job -- and we’re here to help. This 3-part blog series is designed to help you get clear on how technology supports mission critical business functions for your organization. You can find part one on cutting edge business insight tools here and you can find part two on management insights, traceability, and auditing on here.

Full Business Integration

Your medical device business needs an end to end, holistic line of sight into business and customer data in order for teams to make informed decisions, act quickly with changing circumstances, and to easily assess the impact of decisions. All too often, meet potential clients who can’t run reliable, actionable reports from their internal systems, slowing them down and exposing them to competitive threats. End user-based tools integrating CRM and PowerBI empower your teams to run and create their own reports on demand, without the intervention of the tech team. They can track across ERP and CRM solutions to enjoy multi-dimensional points of view into the information.

Using a hearing aid manufacturer as an example, let’s say the sales team is closing in on a huge upcoming purchase. Ideally, there’s great day to day communication in the business between operations, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and sales. But what if those people (+ PLUS upper management and marketing) could all see the same information real time? What if the onsite sales team could ink the initial contract for a big purchase, and immediately update the rest of the teams so that materials are ordered, timelines are determined, and flawless delivery happens down the road? It’s possible, and optimal, for these functions to be fully aligned.

Tailored Dashboards

Your team is only as good as the information they have access to. If data is updated using disconnected systems, your teams can’t operate at their highest levels, leaving room for your competition to get a foothold in that gap and for potentially catastrophic mistakes to happen. With fully integrated systems and tailored dashboards, your teams have real time access to KPIs, tracking defects, viewing sales activities, and sharing data cross-teams. In the event of recall (which is a “WHEN” consideration, not an “IF” consideration), the right teams can quickly access shipments to customers, click on the lots and regions, and see where those items went. They can view vendor information, and any other salient data points to make informed decisions and act quickly on changing circumstances.

Fully Connected Business Tools

Typical medical device manufacturing companies might have 10-15 disparate systems, with sketchy and unreliable data in all of them. None of the systems maximize commonalities, and there is definitely no interactivity. The management team is typically aware that there are significant blind spots in their business operations but can’t fix them without a major overhaul. Regardless of where your medical device business is in the data infrastructure journey, it’s not too late to fix your internal informational processes. While it’s always idea to get ahead of these issues early in the business, we’ve tackled data integration at virtually every stage of medical device business integrations.

Pick the Right Partner

Have you fully vetted the partner for their integration chops?
  • Why it matters: Other companies will tell you they know how to integrate your disparate systems, but that very much depends on how much experience they have with the technology, the depth of their understanding of the medical device manufacturing “language” you speak, and so many more variables. Getting the integration right, without breaking what you currently have in place, is essentially important.
  • Why Stoneridge: The reason we at Stoneridge Software are able to reliably connect internal systems is that we work with the most stable, state of the art business tools from Microsoft. We have deep expertise in these tools AND the medical device manufacturing niche. We make a plan and work with what you have, so nothing breaks during the transition. Our goal is to keep you fully operational while we improve your internal business processes with integrated systems! Our deep institutional expertise with Microsoft’s business tools and with medical device manufacturing, so we’re able to help our customers upgrade information systems without churn and with a fully vetted plan.

To learn more contact our team or download this eBook for comprehensive technology recommendations for your medical device business.

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