How to Download a OneBox VM for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

by | Updated March 27, 2018 | Development, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

One of the biggest changes Microsoft introduced with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is the new Visual Studio-based development experience and new all-in-one OneBox development environments. In addition to an Azure-hosted option, they also make it very easy to quickly stand up a local Dynamics 365 development instance by offering a downloadable virtual hard disk image.

If you have access to LCS, you can download and install a OneBox VM to run a Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations development environment locally:

1.  Log in to with your Microsoft account

2.  Click on the “Shared asset library” tile:

Shared asset library

3.  Select the “Downloadable VHD” asset type, and find the files for the version you want to download. Here I selected version 7.3, update 12:

Downloadable VHD

4. Once all of the parts have been downloaded, run the file ending in “.part01.exe” It will prompt you to select where to create the .vhd file:

Downloading a onebox VM

5.  After the extraction process completes, you will have a VHD file that you can host with Hyper-V:

VHD file

6.  If you are new to Hyper-V, you can find information on creating and configuring virtual machines here.

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  1. Witold


    thanks for clear info. Using downloaded VM – Power BI is not started. Is there some procedure to start Power BI (still as part of Demo solution) on the VM?

    Thanks in advance for any help

    Witold Adamiak

  2. Taylor Valnes

    Hello Witold,

    I spoke with the writer of the blog and one of our Power BI experts. We’re assuming you are not able to see the Power BI embedded dashboards/Analytical Workspaces in D365. If that is the case then yes, there is some configuration needed and you’ll need an Azure SQL Server Database Premium (P1) Edition to host the Entity Store in order for this to work. Here are the details:


  3. Waldemar Kuczynski


    I need to install one box VM on my laptop. Do you know what are minimum system requrements?
    Do you know if core i7 with fast ssd disk 512M.2 pcie and 24GB Ram will be sufficient to have smooth running environment?

    Kind regards

  4. Alessandro

    Hi all, do you know how to get credential for all SQL users for D365 virtual machine downloadble from Shared Asset Library in LCS?

  5. Taylor Valnes

    Hello Alessandro,

    I spoke with the writer of the blog as well as another in our organization, and we are unsure how to get this as we don’t believe Microsoft provides that.


  6. Anshul Joon

    Is there a VM available for the latest version of D365 Fin & Ops version 8 ??

  7. jerry

    Hi I have LCS log on but I cannot see the download and all stuff like you mention, please advise. I m in this LCS

  8. Taylor Valnes

    Hello Anshul Joon,

    I spoke with the blog writer and he said that he sees version 8.1 published earlier this month.


  9. Taylor Valnes

    Hello Jerry,

    Without knowing more of your LCS set up, or seeing it, we’re unsure how we’d be able to help you. If you are interested we do have support plans that you could utilize and we could more directly assist you that way. Here is the URL to our support site:


  10. Sinar

    Hello, I have accessed LCS but I cannot find any asset type in the shared library please advise.

  11. Taylor Valnes

    Hello Sinar,

    Without knowing more of your LCS set up, or seeing it, we’re unsure how we’d be able to help you. The only thing might be if you scroll to the right, as it might be located to the right off screen. If you are interested we do have support plans that you could utilize and we could more directly assist you that way. Here is the URL to our support site:


  12. Neil

    I am trying to load this VHD onto a disk in azure to mount onto a VM but am getting an error. Do you know if these VHD files are V1 or V2 files?


  13. Dalton Roll

    Hello Neil,

    The VHD file to be downloaded for this process will have the extension of “.vhd” and not “.vhdx”.


  14. David Schuff

    I have successfully deployed the OneBox VM for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations through LCS in Hyper V.
    I have given access to multiple users. However, it would not allow more than two concurrent users to remote-access the Dynamics 365 DM. A message pups up in the login process saying that “Select a user to disconnect so that you can sign in. There are too many users logged in.”

    Any idea how i can fix this issue so that more than 2 users can get access to the system remotely.

  15. Dalton Roll

    Hello David,

    The blog Setup Simultaneous Remote Login for Multiple Users has the instructions to add more simultaneous users remotely. As mentioned in the article, it is important to consider the number of allowed users because performance may decrease due to more resource demand.


  16. Abdul Aziz

    Does the VM come with contoso data or blank? Also the URL for accessing the D365 in the VM is contoso or will it be as project name?

  17. Dalton Roll

    Hello Abdul,

    It will come with Contoso Entertainment System USA (USMF) legal entity data. To find the URL for accessing D365 on the VM:
    1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
    2. Connections pane on the left side
    3. Follow the following path within the tree
    – The VM’s local host name -> Sites -> AOSService
    4. With AOSService highlighted, move to Actions pane on the right side
    5. Click the link in the Browse Website section


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