Dynamics GP Report Writer Printing Black Boxes Instead of Images

By Carolyn Moltzan | March 16, 2021

**UPDATE** The issue outlined below has been fixed with the most recent Windows updates (including legacy OS's like Windows 8 and Server 2012). For more information on this topic you can visit this Microsoft GP Support and Services blog post.


Is your Dynamics GP report writer printing black boxes instead of images? Here's an explanation. The recent Windows updates KB5000808 and KB5000802 are causing Dynamics GP to print black boxes instead of the proper images on report writer reports.

Microsoft's Tips to Troubleshoot Report Writer Black Box Printing Issue

According to the Dynamics GP team at Microsoft:  

  • If you are not using plain Report Writer functionality with images anywhere in Microsoft Dynamics GP, then there is no need for you to do anything 
  • If you are using a third party to print (i.e. MICR checks with Mekorma), then you may not run into the issue 
  • You will need to test printing with your third party and confirm if it works or not 
  • Emailing appears to work without issues, so you can email yourself any reports as an HTML document and print the HTML document  

If you are experiencing issues, roll back your Windows update to the prior version and pause updates. If you do not pause, the update will reapply itself. If you have not installed the new updates yet, please wait to do so. 

Microsoft has reported several other issues with this Windows update and is working on a resolution.  

The issue does not appear to be unique to Dynamics GP but seems to be related to how GP print functionality - using Report Writer/Standard reports - calls the printer in Windows.  

Read Microsoft’s blog on the Dynamics GP Report Writer Printing Black Box topic.  

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