Hotfix for Key2Act Signature and MobileTech – Overhead and Billing Amounts Not Calculating Properly

By Allen Phillips | April 1, 2019

Key2Act has released a product update to address a potential bug within TimeTrack and MobileTech 6.0. When the system is configured to default the Price Matrix and Labor Rate Groups from the 'Bill to' Customer and Location of a service call, it may import into TimeTrack without all of the information required to calculate the overhead or billing amounts. This is only applicable to those on Signature 2016 R3 SP1 (16.00b03g319) or Signature 2018 R2 (18.00b02g210) with MobileTech v6.0.

Key2Act has issued the following announcement in regard to the update:

Hotfix Key2Act

This situation is precipitated by having a blank default value in the Bill to Customer and Bill to Location fields in the service Location records.

hotfix Key2Act

When the default values are empty in the Service Location, as shown above, the Service Call window logic will set the Bill to Customer and Bill to Location fields to match the Service Call Customer and Location.

MobileTech 6.0 was not following the same default logic, thus the Bill to Customer and Bill to Location fields remained empty for MobileTech transactions created in TimeTrack. The Service Management routine to Generate MCC Calls was also not following the same default logic as the Service Call window in Service Management. To this end, both of these processes have been updated to follow a consistent method for defaulting the Service Call Bill To fields, when the default values in the Location are not filled.

Because these values were sometimes missing, we’ve found errors in the calculation of the following fields: OH_Amount, Labor_Fixed_OH, Labor_OH_Percentage, WS_Extended_Cost, Cost_Code_Actual_Cost_TTD, and Billing_Amount.

If you are using  Signature 2018 R3 and MobileTech 7.0, this issue has automatically been resolved. If you’re on Signature 2016 R3 SP1 (16.00b03g319) or Signature 2018 R2 (18.00b02g210) with MobileTech v6.0, please reach out to Stoneridge for information on downloading the hotfix to address this issue.

If you have any other questions on any Key2Act product, please reach out to us.

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