How Our 5-Step Proven Process Results in Successful Client Engagement

By Dave Stahlman | November 14, 2018


At Stoneridge Software results matter. We're not here to sell you software. We value true partnership, seeing projects through to a successful resolution and building relationships. That's why we've created a five-step proven process for engaging with our clients. We recognize that you may only purchase a CRM or ERP project once every 10 to 15 years, and because of that, we put this process in place simply to ensure a successful outcome for all involved.

1. Align

The first step of this process is the alignment phase, and during this phase, we get to know you, you get to know us, we set expectations for this project, and we also set forth the success criteria. We know that choosing the right partner is one of the most important decisions you're going to make during this whole project, and so this alignment phase just kind of sets us both up for success.

2. Define

Next is the define phase, and during this part of the project, we're going to introduce you to a pre-sales architect. The pre-sales architect is going to come in and do a discovery session where we ask you lots of questions and get to know your business as well as we can. With that information, we will put together a demo, so you can start to see a vision for what your solution is going to look like. We'll introduce you to some of the team members, and we'll also put together a scope, schedule, and budget for the project.

3. Create

During the create phase, we'll bring in our developers to start the buildout of your solution. At this time we're also going to engage your users. We're going to challenge existing paradigms that you've had in place for many years, we're going to implement best practices, and together we're going iterate through this phase until we get the solution that you're looking for.

4. Deploy

The deployment phase is where your system is going live. We know that moving off of your existing system into a new one is challenging, and we're going be there to assist your users and to make sure that the system is running as you expect it to.

5. Empower

During the empower phase, we realize you didn't implement this system just simply to implement a new system. You did it to grow your business. You did it to cut costs, improve processes, improve integrations and many other business reasons for putting this in place. We're going be there to help your users, to make sure your system is running, to empower your managers to know what the possibilities are, and bottom line - we're with you every step of the way.

Here's a visual of what the client journey looks like. Contact us today if you'd like to put this process to work for you: or 612.354.2869.

Stoneridge Proven Process

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