How to Add a Custom Property to a Service Bus Message in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

By Chris Bagge | June 5, 2023

When you raise an event in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations a record inserts into the BusinessEventsCommitLog table. This table has a column called SerializedFilterProperties.

This column holds the name-value pair of the custom properties you want to add to the Service bus message. The way to add properties is by using a specific data attribute on a parm method of the contract class

That data attribute is BusinessEventsFilterDataMemberAttribute.

For instance:

    public str parmFolderPath(str _folderPath = folderPath)
        if (!prmIsDefault(_folderPath)
            folderPath = _folderPath;
        return folderPath;

Now if parmFolderPath were called with the value of ‘TEST’ the following JSON object would be added to the SerializedFilterProperties column once the event is raised.


When you add properties to the Service bus message a property of name FolderPath with the value of TEST will be added along with the standard properties.

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